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  1. Hello to VIP members, flower How's it going?"??!!! It's been a while since I last posted on any travel or stream here on PokerVip, but I just felt it was time to come back here and make my micro-steaks. Yes, I only play microstakes because I obviously can't beat higher limits, but I ****ing love this game. In the last year or so I played 99.99% of my poker on UNIBET, and man, this site is great for me so far. I like almost everything here at cash tables, the pool of players, the ability to change 3 of your usernames daily, being able to play with 5 different usernames at tables at the same time, not being able to use any HUD or **** like this, the fact that there is no chat available at tables, and of course I like some of the monthly promotions. I played over 200,000 hands there on NL4, and I had a winrate of 14.65 bb / 100, while 8 tables (the maximum allowed for cash).
  2. Hi! Just curious about how do gay tourists feel while traveling? Do they feel safe? Confessions, just confessions