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  1. YuanXin

    Solar Film

    will the house be very dark after the solar film is installed from your experiences?
  2. Hi, can i have first hand experience from previous owners, do you all advice to look for ID directly or through the reno platforms? What are the pros and cons? Hope to get some insights on this.
  3. can i reconfirm that hdb is not cement screeding for owners anymore and ID will do it only right? my friend early last year seems to have it still.
  4. Hi, i am new to renotalk and like to seek some opinion. I ran through portfolios of some IDs and contractors and thinking that actually the look and designs are very diverse. I can see that while I may like a design from a home of this ID, but there are others than this ID did that i do not like at all. So i am a bit worried. I believe is better to go to ID or contractor that can specialize in certain themes? I am looking at timeless modern look. At the same time cozy. Which are the IDs or contractors that you all may know of and what themes they are known for? I want to have one that is consistent is what they do, nice designs and good workmanship. Hope to finalize the shortlist in the next 1-3 weeks since I have not much work now to do at home. thank you all. I will be collecting my bto keys in Q3 2020 supposedly (cross fingers that the delay due to covid is not too serious)
  5. Hi, can pm the ID too? gathering IDs to consider