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  1. oh it's sold out. I will be looking for alternatives.
  2. Im looking for those good sturdy aluminium step ladder for home use. Any recommendation and what should I look out for? Preferably one with delivery services. Thanks!
  3. I need a circular saw for a few random jobs. Nothing more than DIY. I was planning on spending lesser on a makita corded saw. However, a friend has suggested I spend slightly more and buy a bare cordless Dewalt saw and use my two 1.3Ah batteries from my drill. I don’t need a cordless saw, I’ll never be far from a plug socket. My drill doesn’t get a great deal of use (once a month maybe) so it would be good to get my monies worth from the batteries. That said when the batteries die that probably means a new drill and a new saw. A corded makita saw would probably last me a lifetime. Any other suggestions?
  4. Hi any new update on this? I intend to install for my new place and want to know how bad this is...or good