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  1. I have a similar layout to yours, so it's good to see that the aircon trunking can be laid in quite an elegant manner. Why do I find myself staring at your bathroom wall tiles? Such a pleasing arrangement! If you don't mind, could you PM me your ID and ID firm and cost for your reno?
  2. Gorgeous looking bed indeed! I have this bed frame shortlisted too due to its slim profile (the mattress sitting just nicely on the wooden bed frame) but was concerned if the oak color might be too bright for a bed room setting. I think you have matched the bed and wall colour superbly! Did you choose the bed or the wall color first? Do you happen to be using a Ikea Malm or Kullen drawers for where your TV is perched on? I'm thinking of using Kullen 6 drawers for the TV myself. Be careful not to yank the drawers though, because of topple risk. Would you be able to share pictures of how your aircon trunking runs?
  3. Thank you for the advice. Regarding the dust situation, I wonder if it is due to ongoing construction near your place or are you situated near some busy roads perhaps? Or is this situation peculiar to high rise windy apartments? Anyway, I will be opting for mostly closed cabinets and minimal glass/window surfaces for easy cleaning.
  4. It seems to me that you would like to retain the walls as much as possible (no hacking). To be frank, I'm not sure if you gained much from your furniture placement for the bed, wardrobe and study table, other than having a slightly longer wardrobe and having your study desk in your room (which may not be good for sleep hygiene). You "lost" 2 bedside desks from the original HDB suggested layout as well. Back to your layout, I would probably push the bed against the wall and have a bedside desk. That way, you wouldn't need to squeeze through the gap between the corner of the bed and the wall to get to the study area. That long study table could be bookended by shelves/storage (Look at Joywalker's photos -- I think she has her wonderfully executed study desk by the window). Do note that if you have high shelves on the right side of the table, it could block your window. A long table will also need to be supported in the middle with legs, to prevent sagging. Since you have no space constraints, you could make the study table 60 or 70cm deep. For your proposed fridge location, I suspect it is also where you have the HDB supplied retractable laundry rack. And if you intend to make use of that, you would either have to make do with a lower fridge or get a chair to climb up and hang your clothes (but the usable length of the rack is reduced). I like your idea of the island. You might perhaps consider moving it further out into the living room and extending your kitchen counter into where the fridge was suggested to be located. With no fridge there, your kitchen will be more open too. There should be a bigger gap (your food preparation space) between the sink and the cooking hob. If you extend the counter space, you could possibly relocate the hob to the other wall. I notice that you put a blue box outside your bomb shelter. Are you intending to build storage and hide the bomb shelter entrance? Not sure if you would get much storage out of there because it is limited by depth. Perhaps build more storage at your proposed wardrobe area by extending it or build shoe storage at the corner behind the main entrance small leaflet door.
  5. I agree with mmoh on all the points she mentioned. The problem with the original HDB layout is that the walkway to the window side of the bed looks rather narrow. The other problem is that the TV and sofa distance may be too near for comfort. To visualize that space better, imagine having a coffee table in between. Also, do you need such a big entrance to the bedroom? I suspect they made the entrance so wide so they could disguise the fact that you will need to "crabwalk" across to the window side. Do note the glare of computer screen reflecting light from the opposite windows if you are intending to use the laptop in the day time, in your planned layout. With the TV console/island layout as you've suggested, it may not be possible to have a sliding door to the kitchen to seal in the aircon/ keep out the kitchen fumes (if you plan on heavy cooking). Your layout also leaves a lot of unutilized space at the centre of the flat. ----------- Personally, If I could hack the walls, I would rearrange the space as per the pic below (but with sofa and tv positions interchanged): a) hack the wall between bedroom and study. Shift the bedroom and wardrobe away from the window. b) move the study table to line up against the bedroom window. You can't create a partition for the study area now, else your bedroom has no windows! (Do note if you are sharing bedroom with your partner, it might be a little tricky to have the study desk lights on and some one sleeping in the same room) c) With that, you do not need to be concerned about how wide your bed can be. If your bed frame is long you can choose to erect the wall and door further outwards into the living room space. So your choice/size of bed frame should not be constrained. You need to decide where the bedroom doors should be positioned. d) Likewise, you can also shift the wall between the study and TV area into the study area, so you can have a greater TV to sofa distance. Switch the position of the TV and sofa, and you can have a longer sofa. Maybe a L shape sectional. e) Perhaps have your dining table at that rectangular corner formed by the bomb shelter opened door and fridge. When not entertaining guests, flush the table against the wall. When you have guests, reposition the table so that it is parallel to the windows and further upwards in the direction of the TV area, yet not blocking the entryway to the living room/ bedroom. Hopefully you can find a placement where you can avoid the "toilet view". Of couse, it all depends on which walls you are allowed to hack. Have fun with the planning and congrats on the BTO selection!
  6. Thank you for the confirmation of the fan lights. I am using a LED ceiling light in my current room, which happens to be the same size as the living room in the 2 room BTO (45sqm). I too find it super bright. Glad to know that there are 3 adjustable light settings in the KDK fan. One more question, I realize that your layout does not allow for a convenient location (ie, behind the door or at some unused corner near the main door) to place a shoe rack in the living room. Is your shoe storage in the storage cabinets built along the bathroom/living room wall as pictured below? Thank you for being active here and still answering questions 4 yrs on!
  7. Hi, would you say that the fan LED light alone would be sufficient to light up, say 80-90% of your living room if the fan were to be centrally located?
  8. Do note that if you opt out of the OCS flooring, the floor for the master bedroom and living area will come unfinished and rough. You will have to pay your contractors to perform the cement screeding ($$$), as HDB no longer provides free screeding services. OCS option is cheaper I think (?) if you are happy with the tiles they are using. Does that price tag include the cement screeding? Need to do my budgeting. Btw, how much does hacking the bedroom/living room wall cost?
  9. Thanks for the info. Love the natural lighting in your kitchen! By having only one floating shelf on the kitchen sink wall, the space feels more open. I also commend you on the decision not to hide the piping with carpentry! The pipe seems to blend in rather well against the tiles. Maybe install a rod behind the sink to hang your table cloth? With hooks, u can also hang your scissors, can-opener, etc. ?
  10. Thank you for the info and the photo. I should be able to store my size 8 shoes inside.
  11. Hi Joywalker, Do you have the dimensions of the DB box shelfing (Length x Depth)? Checking if it is sufficient for storing men's shoes.