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  1. Hi people, check with u guys.. any one here uses Citygas and can use rainshower? I was told that citygas cant use rain shower cos of pressure and temp issue. How true is this? then btw, anyone uses citygas dryer? can give feedback too??
  2. Hi sq007, u got intra already? They increase pricing already? Hi cheers, remb to take photos...
  3. Hi Crab's Shack, u engage which ID? Ur hse nicely in the process of doing up..
  4. me havent get the 2nd appt date.. the webby still says "we will invite you to sign the lease in due course".. managed to get hold of the officer ytday. She still say the same things.. our defer ROM cert submission need approval first before releasing the keys.. cos we defer >1yrs. Got like that one meh? Tot can get keys first, then within 3 mths after getting keys then if there is a need to defer then submit letters to defer. But this officer is doing the other way round, then everytime say, submit for approval first, dun dare to commit when can get keys. Call her until very sian, very hard to get hold of her and get hold of her also no use cos she say the same things!! I belive alot of sgbride forum pple also dun have their ROM cert, so why they can collect the keys first, why cant we also?? Just because we need to defer >1yr then need to access so long? We submit all the banquet invoice, AD photography invoice and BS invoice etc.. I dun have any more receipts to provide as evidence liao.. what else they want????
  5. Tried calling at that time 8.30am to 9am also.. still no ans.. that officer always like that MIA.. her mobile also off.. have been tried calling her for >1 month and guess what.. i only managed to find her once! Wrote in to complain also no use... v sian
  6. pongy

    Our Home!

    Hi Windy!! Spam Spam!! =) Hope we can get our keys soon.. me also waiting waiting...
  7. Did tried calling leh.. but hor my officer in charge always never answer call.. very irritating!! hm.. really soooooooo small ah.. alamak....
  8. Cheers, can share with me also? Interested in intra as well
  9. oooooooohhhh is u ah bubble!! Hee.. hey why i havent get my keys leh...jump jump!! Congrats ah.. found ID to do up ur hse liao?? Cool can start reno already..
  10. Hi, Can i noe the exact shop that you went to for the BLUM stuff?
  11. Hi, can someone PM me kelvin's mobile and email from GPlan please. Thx.
  12. The ID say can dunno leh.. me confused so i start asking ard loh...
  13. Hi all, Anyone using Orangecube? How's their services and works? Pls comments, better still can share photos! Thanks