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  1. Hi, Been encountering toilet flies in my main toilet recently, those small pesky flies that hover in yr toilet bowl (http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/ent/notes/Urban/drainfly.htm).. Anyone had experience to clear it, i seems to be unable to clear it, and it getting more and more each day.
  2. hi, can pm vincent no? all my windows blinds are on the verge of breakdown.
  3. Good saying Bro... But unfortunately for me, i got a resale flat, living room and mbr all downlghts. Haiz how to rectify that? yr advise.. Total downlights i think about 20 bah...
  4. Hi, would anyone recommend a carpenter to build a warerobe in the mbr? The ID that we engaged cannot do the design that we wanted, actually very simple, the sliding doors i just requested that top and bottom frosted glass, and the middle wood, he tell me cannot made this design simple right..... Right now me in a lumbo, reno starting soon, and now like this, can anyone advised if there good carpenter around, i just wanted a 10ft long warerobe, full height.
  5. hahaha, good one abt the id... was thinking maybe grey or something close to cream...if same color later bang doors hahaha.....
  6. hahah...okay point noted.. Chocolate brown ? doesn't look abit weird? imagine surrounding creamy, till door frames and door brown, it look very outstanding leh....
  7. Hi, Got a minor headache, see if you guys and girls can help me out... I am just abt to reno my flat, and got a color problem selection. We had the living room and hallway painted with dulux light and space (pearl shell), was wondering what to paint for the door frames and the doors to the rooms... Anyone can advised, me a bit color off person.
  8. thanks for the info...can advised which block so can check it out, i stay in 35X as well. Keltong, since u are familiar in this area, maybe we go lim kopi, and u tell...
  9. Well yes, planing to enrol my kids at Canberra Pri, just opp my unit Need after school care, as both working. Maybe need to recce more to this area. One day maybe u see an ah pek cycling looking for after school care, that will be me Sembawang road too far liao, hehe, i don't drive.
  10. will be moving in soon to sembawang. anyone know if there is any after school care as i would like to put my kids there. perhaps if there is any Montessori there as well. Thanks in advanced
  11. had anyone have Jack Wong from Gplan as their ID? Just had him quote for my flat reno, wondering if he is good?
  12. I just got the quote from them...wahlau eh, the sales person quote extra stuff that i did not said in the meetup...wondering if the sales lady did listen to me talking..... Alas, just called her up, she indicated she will re-do the quote.. starting to have a bad impression with them already.. btw, this company is just 6 months old according to the lady.
  13. alrighty i just got my keys....... looking for ID now..... So who is staying at 357A? would like to take a look at yr reno...
  14. Congrats to Blueturtle on her coming wedding. Have Fun......