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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I am a very busy and also lazy person. I have learnt a lot from the many postings here. I enjoy reading in this forum but am very lazy to reply or to post comments. However, I did create an account in Renotalk in 2011 but have since forgotten about my user ID and password. So I created a new one for this forum. Finally I have decided to document the transformation process of my 3-room HDB flat in a 2-storey HDB shophouse into a 3 bedroom apartment. Although this is a 3-room flat in a double storey shophouse but it is no difference from other 3-room HDB flats in Singapore everywhere. On the other hand, this project of mine is not a typical renovation project that you encounter very frequently in this forum. It involves alteration and addition elements to the renovation project itself. I hope readers can learn from my experience and use it to build a case to their advantage for their own renovation project. The title of my topic is quite confusing and perhaps misleading. But this is exactly what I am going to do with my 3-room HDB flat. That is, trying to transform it from an ordinary 3-room flat to an apartment with 3 fullsize bedrooms. Every Singaporean (I hope) knows that a typical 3-room HDB flat actually consists of 2 bedrooms only. A standard 3-room HDB flat is typically 65~70 sqm in size. Some corner 3-room flats are much larger at 80 or even 88 sqm. But still they all have two functional bedrooms only. I know some owners put in a third bedroom in those big 3-room flats but the additional bedroom is not quite livable due to a lack of window for light and ventilation. This is mainly due to the design constraint of a 3-room flat which always has an entrance in the front. 3-room flats are ideal for singles or couples without children. Very often they have to upgrade to a larger HDB flat after getting married or having children. When you have more members in your family, you will need more bedroom to accommodate them in a more comfortable environment. But how to add a new livable bedroom in your existing 3-room flat without compromising comfort and privacy for every member of your family. Here, the scenario is we want to continue to stay in our 3-room flat but with a added bedroom. How do we do it? Is it feasible or cost effective? The answers to these questions are "yes". We can do it! But obviously your 3-room flat must fulfill certain conditions which I shall explain later. First, the floorplan as usual. Pardon me for the lack of clarify in my floorplan as it is an old handwritten floorplan.
  2. Hi all, I am looking for a reliable contractor/builder who charges market rate and specialises in landed properties. House profile: 30years old 2 storey Inter-Terrace L1900sqft B2300sqft I would like to give the house a modern facelift(all windows change to full length, new awning, new gate, tile up garden area, change skylight, waterproofing, termite treatment, plumbing, rewiring etc) with the intention to sell after 5years. I have a budget to work with and no interior designing is required. Just basic false ceiling and new wardrobes in every room and all floor tiles to be overlayed, changed or polished. Prefers my own designs hence only requires a knowledgeable person to execute them. Welcome IDs and Everyone as long as your rates are competitive. Thank You!
  3. Hi all, Appreciate views from building engineers / water specialists / anyone with similar experiences on this Water Seepage issue observed along my wall (refer to Photo). Upon moving into my newly TOP apartment in mid 2017, I noticed a small 5cm circular water mark on the wall which disappears when it’s sunny. During rainy Seasons of Nov17-Jan18, the water seepage mark grew dramatically. I first reported the issue to my Developer in Nov17 and the joint inspection was conducted in Jan18. Post-inspection, Developer informed that the water seepage was likely the result of my installation of a magnetic mosquito net & its accompanying frame (non-sliding) - refer to photo. Developer informed that this is considered an A&A (Alteration & Addition) caused matter and hence they would not rectify To my family, it appeared as it’s a leakage from the external wall into the interior wall. Furthermore, we never see any water pooling etc along our window frame. This is rather perplexing. Appreciate everyone’s views pls.
  4. Hi everyone, I am in the process of completing the purchase an original condition 2-storey inter-terrace (built-up 2100sqft). Is anyone able to advise on the estimated cost of extending the rear (kitchen and 2nd storey) and adding another bathroom? The house is at least 30 yrs old and in need of doing up, wondering if a budget of $300k will be sufficient. Thanks!
  5. After a wait of several months, I’m finally going to exercise the OTP of my 2-storey inter-terrace this month. I have a small budget of $400-500k. If situation permits, I’m planning to add 1-1.5 storey to maximise the buildup area. URA masterplan indicates max 3 storey for landed housing. Condition of the FH inter-terrace is good (built around 1990s) and seller is staying in it. Land area : 1619 sq ft (150.4 sq m) / Current Build up : approx 2000-2100sq ft I have tried asking my seller’s property agent to obtain a copy of the floor/structural plan for my reference, to confirm the actual build up area but he kept telling me that the seller doesn’t have it and his most recent reply is that “please talk to your architect or builder. They know the process of getting the floor plan. We closed a few cases in Dec...” As such, I will be buying the property with no clue of actual build up area and structural details. With an indicative budget of say $400-500k, is it possible to do a reconstruction to add the 1.5 storey? An architect has roughly quoted $600k+ for the job excluding carpentry. Please kindly advise..... (1) Reconstruction Budget of $400-500k to add another 1000-2000 sq ft. Is it achievable? (2) If not, the next alternative is A&A to expand/extend the bedrooms and redo the kitchen area and car porch thereby adding 500-1000 sq ft, what will the indicative cost be?
  6. Hi y'all. I'm planning to acquire a new home. I have an old corner terrace (>4000 sqft land) to tear down and rebuild a 5000sqft home. Does any have any recent experience with design and build of such a home? Can I do it at a budget of $750K? Any recommendations of a decently priced designer/builder/architect?
  7. We have a family of 6; my wife and I and our 4 kids. We are planning to move into an old terrace house around Siglap area which we bought 2 years ago. We foresee we need an A&A before moving in. We have some budget constraint but would like to find some great ideas and good, experienced, reliable and cost-effective contractors to work with. Any recommendations? As part of our design, we also want to find ways to bring in more natural light into the second floor. Brgds