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Found 3 results

  1. Planning to study in Singapore? Why not make the learning process and transition easier for your kid with the help of professionals in this field? Here are 2 things you will need to successfully enroll into a local government school! 1) SAEIS Preparatory Course (Primary / Secondary School Admission) 2) SAEIS Intensive Private Home Tuition (one-to-one study focus) WHY should we choose SAEIS Preparatory Course? 1. Structured learning environment- This is essentially full time studies every Monday to Friday, 8am-3pm. 2. Gain access to time-tested and well-planned AEIS study materials 3. Forge friendships with students from all over the world! Pursue your dreams in the company of friends. 4. Student Passes will be issued to students enrolling in the 3 or 6 months courses. How can Nanyang Learning help? We are a one-stop service that will allow for a smoother transition to studying in Singapore’s MOE School for your child. Finding the most suitable Preparatory Course? Application/ Appeal of student passes? VISA/ Long Term Pass? Complications? Other factors to consider? Planning for the entire education journey’s in Singapore? Relocation? Yep, so many things to do, so little time… With over 10 years of experience helping students enroll into government local schools in Singapore successfully, we know what works and what won’t. All these knowledge will be at your service. Embark your child’s education journey now! CALL US / WHATSAPP OUR EDUCATION GURUS FOR EMERGENCY AEIS ENQUIRIES (65) 8298 7978 / (65) 8553 4568 or visit www.nanyanglearning.com / www.aeismockpapers.com ========== =========== ============ ============== ============ We are also offering AEIS Intensive Home Tuition services which are absolutely beneficial and suitable for your child! ü Very Intensive lesson plans with 1 to 1 attention for your child ü Flexible schedule - Duration can be from 1.5 hours to 6 hours per day ü Customized Lesson Plans- Twice to five times a week of AEIS Home School Lesson. ü A choice to focus on just one subject or both Math and English ü Teacher will go through EVERY Single topics under the AEIS tested content We have helped students from all over the world! Singapore, China, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Japan, Taiwan, France, US, Turkish, Hong Kong, Philippines and other countries in the region. We take education seriously. Every child deserves the best. To Your Child’s Success~ Nanyang Learning Pte Ltd Website: www.aeismockpapers.com www.nanyanglearning.com www.nanyangtuition.com CALL US / WHATSAPP OUR EDUCATION GURUS FOR EMERGENCY AEIS ENQUIRIES (65) 8298 7978 / (65) 8553 4568
  2. If you are amazing at solving difficult primary, secondary school, junior college level homework, or you are a music teacher/ sport instructor enjoy teaching and coaching, JOIN US! We have lots of tuition assignments for you. Registration takes only 3 mins and you will start receiving jobs and assignments once your profile is verified. Simple as that! Click to apply as a tutor now at www.gratifytuition.com/register.htm All the tuition jobs can be found on this link http://www.nanyanglearning.com/nanyang-tuition/jobs/32 too! Come join one of Singapore’s largest network of private education professionals at Nanyang Tuition! OPENING POSITIONS (Part Time/ Full Time) 1) Diploma/ Degree (Full time tutor) 2) PGDE/ NIE MOE Teachers 3) AEIS Tutors (Full time/ Part time Tutoring) 4) Diploma/ A level/ Degree graduates (Part Time Tutoring) 5) Diploma/ University Undergraduates (Part Time Tutoring) 6) Music/ Art and Sports Teachers (Full time/ Part time Tutoring) 7) Native Speakers (Full time/ Part time Tutoring) Hourly salary ranges from $10/hr to $150/hr subjected to relevant experience and qualification. Fill your hours meaningfully now! You will be amazed by how much knowledge you can impart to your students in just one lesson. Let "Nanyang Tuition" help you build a database of students for your career. Many ways to connect to Nanyang Tuition! 1) Sign up via www.gratifytuition.com/register.htm 2) Download our Tuition Mobile App (IOS/ Android) IOS https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/nanyang-learning/id955446276 Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nanyang.jobs_posting 3) “Like” our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/nanyangtuitionjobs/ =========== ============== =============== ================= ========= Our jobs are taken very quickly. We will notify you once we updated the jobs so you don't miss out on any of them Register yourself at www.gratifytuition.com/regsiter.htm. We are looking to hear from you! Find Out More On The Benefits Of Becoming A Tutor Here http://www.nanyanglearning.com/nanyang-tuition/jobs-app/ To Your Succcess~~ Nanyang Tuition Team www.nanyangtuition.com http://www.nanyanglearning.com/nanyang-tuition/jobs-app/
  3. ATTENTION PARENT Have your children ever fallen short of their grades in school… But don’t know how to fix it, even though he/she has tried just about every possible solution? CURRENT SITUATION I’m referring to a systemic flaw that affects ALL school children… Including yours! But more importantly… It’s the main reason most of them are doing badly in school! Because this flaw STOPS them from reaching their individual maximum potential. Inhibits their ability to fine-tune their studying and achieve even better grades. However, that’s the bad news. The good news… Is that there’s a way to solve it! CURRENT ACHIEVEMENTS We Have Helped 187 Students To Achieve Better Grades in 90 Days or Less! HOW DID WE MANAGE TO ACHIEVE IT In recent years, it has become evident that private home tuition plays a significant role in assisting a lot of students in coping with the current fast-paced and competitive learning environment. This is especially so for Singapore. Parents are also too caught up with hectic schedules. The lack of time, coupled with the ever-changing academic syllabus. Thus, it may have become a huge challenge for parents to go through homework and navigate the subject curriculum as well. If you are looking for a guaranteed solution to help your child in school, please continue your reading @ http://www.nanyanglearning.com/blog/we-are-here-to-help/ Our experienced tutors are available to teach all subjects and levels: 1) Nursery/ Kindergarten 2) Primary 1 to 6 and Secondary 1 to 5 3) Junior College / Diploma & University Modules 4) AEIS / Private O and A level 5) IB/ ICGSE /IP / SAT WORKING WITH A SPECIFIC TEACHER AND MENTOR WHO KNOWS THE EXACT PROBLEMS YOUR CHILD IS FACING! View what our satisfied parents has to say from our mentoring and coaching @ http://www.nanyanglearning.com/blog/we-are-here-to-help/ CALL US / WHATSAPP OUR EDUCATION GURUS FOR EMERGENCY ENQUIRIES (65) 8298 7978 Nanyang Tuition Team http://www.nanyanglearning.com/ http://www.nanyangtuition.com http://www.nanyanglearning.com/blog/we-are-here-to-help/