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Barking Driving Me Crazy

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My neighbor's young boxer has suddenly started barking nonstop when left home alone. It's disruptive to the neighborhood! I want to kindly share some training resources to help the owners and the dog. Can anyone recommend an effective, humane dog training program in the Richmond area? Preferably one that uses rewards over punishment. I'd love to give them some options to improve the situation. Thanks!


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Hey neighbors! I feel your pain with the barking boxer. I've been there myself with a noisy pup. It's tough on everyone when a dog barks excessively.
I know the owners likely feel awful about the situation too. I'd suggest kindly approaching them, expressing your understanding, and offering some help. When my dog went through a barking phase, I found Smarty Paws Dog Training to be a life saver!
They use 100% positive reinforcement methods which are super effective, especially for excitable breeds like boxers. Their trainers really know how to get to the root of behavioral issues. I saw amazing progress in just a few weeks of working with them on demand barking and separation anxiety.
Now my pup is much calmer and happier when left alone. Smarty Paws has training programs specifically designed for barking and home alone problems. I bet they could help your neighbors curb that barking habit fast! Here's their website if you want to pass it along: dog training in Richmond TX . Wishing you and the pup next door some peace and quiet soon!


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