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Anyone Can Give Me An Idea On..

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average..how many songs are required for the wedding dinner?

and the number of songs that are required for the highlights during the wedding,i.e 1st march-in..etc etc..

TIA guys!! :sport-smiley-004::bangwall:


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Just calculate lor; your dinner is from 7pm earliest till 11pm latest, or four hours, or 240 minutes.

One song average about four mins, so do the math and you get the result of 60 songs max lor. Sounds like alot? No, one disc can burn about 16 songs, so go burn four discs is much more than enough liao.

If the hotel can let you plug in the iPod even easier.

In fact after minus all the march-ins, yamseng, speeches and maybe sabo games, I would even think three discs is enough liao.

Even if you replay the first disc towards the end of the dinner, nobody will notice also! Last time I used four discs, but the hotel did not even touch the last one...

If you are not very particular u can get the hotel to provide the rest of the songs during the dinner.

I think he is asking because he is particular mahh... :dunno:

I am also very particular about this; the guests can tell the difference, seriously...

Burning four discs is not hard work mah, very fast only...

During my wedding I went to JB Holiday Plaza and grab two discs at RM$6 each, and each filled with more than two hundred "lomantic" and "love" MP3 songs.

Just listen and burn those you like lor...


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