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Running Out Of Ideas For Wedding Favours?

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Condoms given out to guests at wedding dinner. How can?



STOMPer Chia said her daughter returned from a wedding dinner and left a small box on the table.

"My guess was either it's chocolate or keychain, as these are popular wedding gifts for guests. To my astonishment, I found 2 condoms in it!" she said.

In an email this morning (23 Nov), the STOMPer said the couple had spent some money to print their own boxes as it has their picture and names on it.

"On the back of the box, it says B.L.I.S.S. which stands for Beautiful Life Is Safe Sex. I found it weird to have such wordings on a wedding gift, but understood what it means when I opened it," she said.

"I do not, and cannot understand why people would want to give such things as wedding gifts," she said.

"When I asked my daughter, she said the box is on the table and everyone has one."

The STOMPer is concerned about who the table gifts may end up with.

"What if children got it? There must be children attending weddings...It's so embarrassing. Parents will have a hard time trying to explain to them what it is.

"What if teenagers got it and out of curiousity decided to try it out? And what about the older generation who is not as open-minded?

"Are the younger generation really so open-minded to do such things and is it appropriate to give condoms as wedding gifts?"

The STOMPer has digitally masked the couple's faces and names to protect their identities.

"I just hope to let the younger generation know that such wedding gifts are really not that appropriate, no matter how open-minded you are," she said.


To Stomper Chia: The couple is actually trying to say, "Don't follow us in having a shotgun wedding. Practice safe sex!!"

The couple also one kind lah; want to give, also must be Durex strawberry or at least Okamoto with vibes lah...

Give people this kind of SAF-issued standard condoms for overseas trip??? Haiz...maybe the husband working in the SAF store, got free access...


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Very inappropriate. And the couple could have thought it's cute. Young people often forget we are in an Asian society. Even western societies will keep to traditions at weddings, especially when the church is involved. Favours are for guests to remember the happy occasion by. Favours are not supposed to be thought-provoking.

Poor couple - alot of flak they will receive island wide when it's supposed to be the happiest day of their lives.


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Sounds like they wanted this kind of attention :D I mean look at the box ID, they are not ashamed to take topless photos loh. It's ok for the guy lah, but I wonder how can he stand other guys ogling and fantasying how his wife looks like... don't understand their logic :)


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