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Ang Pow Etiquette

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Ok peeps, help me out here.

neighbour's son getting married, holding their dinner at Rasa Sentosa (gosh i sure hope they're not reading this)

what's the protocol? i am not chinese, so they are catering specially for my family (4 pax muslim). can we pao as a family? individually? write name? how much? if we can't attend and hv informed the hosts, do we still pao? is it ok to bring a baby? do i need to pao for the baby? what should i wear? oh no i don't have pretty shoes. hmm. ok nevermind. anyways, yeh. TIA!


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Well, just wear what when muslim wedding is being attend.

for red packet you can check the prices on this link:

Wedding Package

hope it helps...

btw the charges is per table of 10 person. Let say one table cost $788.00 therefore per person will be $78.80. But not to forget the "++" GST plus service charge.

For red packet can be pack as a whole. You can write ur name at the back of the red packet... :)

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