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How to remove mould ???

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OMG!!! The 2 TV consoles I bought from VHIVE in 17 July 2008 had gone mouldy in three months!!!

Now only that, there're tiny soft-bodied FLIES breeding there and they fly all over the house...

What can i do??

This is the FISRT time my furniture is breeding flies!!!

I've just pasted those wood-llook sticky paper from DIY shop onto one of the consles AFTER clearing the mould using Pledge lemon i got from NTUC.

But, I don't know if it'll worsen or what...

The other one is simply too heavy to move coz of the TV.

HOW????? Help!!!

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I have just moved into a condo and the bathroom has a cabinet below the sink. now ,,when i open the doors of the cabinet ..there is a black black patches inside the cabinet.. when we clean it ...it looks more like black soot and appears more in powder form..also letting out a very toxic smell..once we wipe it off. it comes back in the next few days....we also open the cabinet doors if w are not using the bathroom.... :bangwall:

few days ago..1 contractor came to my place so we asked him the prob..he said in the interior got insects growing so we should spray insecticide twice a day..anyone had a issue like tht before ??

Also, ,how does the mould or moss look like ?? :unsure:


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I do not advocate the use of bleach because

1. they can change the colour of your tiles and also

2. the chemicals inside actually react with chlorine and flouride that produces toxic fumes (that you may breath in).

Bleach can trigger asthma or worsen any respiratory or cough problem you may have.

A safer way is to shop for Borax (gentler than bleach). Add baking powder and white vinegar to the mixture. Pour and let sit overnight. Repeat several times, you will see mould will diminish.

Always air your bathroom after showering or hot tubbing. Helps to prevent moulds in bathroom.


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