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  1. Curtains and carpets can harbour fishy smell too. By the way, can someone post full ingredients labelled on this Febreeze (have not gone shopping for awhile)! Need to know if it's made from some mutated bacteria or or chemicals. Thanks!
  2. Never place or hang mirrors where there's a lot of heat of steam. Will prevent mirror from disintegrating that way.
  3. 1. Leave some corn flour in your cupboard for a few days (the flour will absorb the smell). 2. Make sure nothing damp in your cupboard. 3. Fragrance your wardobe with chemical-free fragrances. My favourite way is to hang dried orange peels together with a (opened) packet of several cinammon sticks. Put under clothes too if you want. The other chemical-free fragrance you can use is organic essential oils. 4. Air or have a fan "blow" your internal cupboard once in a while. Stagnant air can smell mouldy and old. Better still, expose your internal wardrobe to some sunlight (possible if your cupboard is on rollers where moving it to a sunnier spot is more convenient.) Beware of sanitizers that get rid of smell but NOT the germs! Very hard to find furniture that do not use some kind of chemicals but consumers can make a difference if you make your opinion known to these furniture sellers. The more people who request for this, the more the furniture industry feels a need to switch to less harmful substances for manufacturing furniture. (My humble opinion!)
  4. Sorry...long story so I decided to post our stories here: Pamela's story: http://bit.ly/cpRZnJ (Conned of close to $700 for repair of fridge!) My story: http://bit.ly/9bX381 (Paid just $10 extra for repair of aircon but STILL felt cheated) They repair everything from coffee-maker to washing machine, even sending your curtains to-and-fro for dry-cleaning. According to Building & Construction Authority, they are not TRAINED or authorized handymen. We were cheated by the same CON people. They may also use different names since I've exposed them in my blog some time ago. Be sure not fall into our trap!
  5. Synthetic leather - you can wipe with a wet clothe. Real leather - wipe with a swap of margarine before wiping away excess with a soft piece of cloth ==> repells dust and will look shiny for weeks! Anyway, margarine is trans-fat (so better not to eat it!)
  6. I do not advocate the use of bleach because 1. they can change the colour of your tiles and also 2. the chemicals inside actually react with chlorine and flouride that produces toxic fumes (that you may breath in). Bleach can trigger asthma or worsen any respiratory or cough problem you may have. A safer way is to shop for Borax (gentler than bleach). Add baking powder and white vinegar to the mixture. Pour and let sit overnight. Repeat several times, you will see mould will diminish. Always air your bathroom after showering or hot tubbing. Helps to prevent moulds in bathroom.
  7. To cook, laundry, look after children or pets or elderly or baby? Specific roles? Cos may be my neighbour is interested!
  8. I thought that the rental deposit would be forfeited in the case of breached rental (they illegally sublet the flat)? Did you return these idiotic tenants the deposit?? >,<
  9. In the event a divorced HDB owner dies., would the property be left to his mother (authorized occupier) or to his adult children (who do not live with him nor own any property)? Anyone knows?
  10. @KKYYsky I am sorry this had to happen to you especially when you were only after chemical-free paint. I had feedback from a chemist that some chemicals linger for years and do not disappear. Those that do disappear often disintegrate to other invisible fumes that are actually toxic and bad for our health! I personally feel they should compensate you with a place to live temporarily while they REDO your place! I have included your news in my blog so others may be more aware. http://myqute.com/3055