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Poh Joo Recommended Me Plumber They Dunno Their License?

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Frustration frustration! I am now in the midst of renovating my place and the sanitary ware i buy all from poo joo along jln besar.

They recommended a plumber to me to do my place

1) first the toilet bowl was installed and was salah the cistern is not against the wall? Coz he left the original base and install the new toilet bowl! i had to rush back from my work during lunch coz my father complain to me!

2) then later afternoon another horror story - my pippings are all concealed and they installed my storage heater and guess what they drill the hole in my pipe and the pipe burst!

3) i have the butt cleaning spray hose they install so high up same level as my wash basin?

horror horror! I called up poh joo ask for Alan - another girl who dun even know their plumber's PUB license. I want to ensure that i get the license so that if the pipe leaks again, i know that it is which plumber to cover myself. They dunno!

So i ask the plumber and he refused to give me his PUB license?!!! Frustration dealing with Poh Joo and their recommended plumber. They keep saying they do 30 over years liao.

I said if u r 30 over years so why still like this? And where is ur metal detector to detect the pipping? i ask them to show me the tools they can do...coz they say concealed piping they cannot know where so i presume with metal detector they can help they say not accurate?

Angry angry angry - so bad luck. :-(


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This is horible...

I thought PJ is a reputable shop... But sometimes, maybe plumber just anyhow approach them, so they just anyhow recommend...

Sorry for ur experience... :bangwall:


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Erm, i never heard of plumbers carry licenses de...

Got PUB license meh???

The plumber tad monsieurlee engaged is not professional at all...

Whoever did plumbing in a concealed pipe toilet, sure need to use the 'metal detector' to confirm conceal pipes location before drilling the wall...

Pro n responsible plumbers sure scare 'kena' the conceal pipe... Rather than to gamble, taking the risk...

Bcs drill 1 wrong hole, will cost them abt $200 to rectify the mess...

Who create the mess, get him rectify! U cant blame poh joo de, they recommend plumbers only..

N these plumbers r poh joo's supporters, everytime buy from poh joo, so its like u help me, i help u lor..

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