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How Much Should Be The Indepth Of Wardrobe?

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Have went to Courts to measure their wardrobe...

Even for the slidng door one... the inner side excluding the track is about 53cm or 21ft...

I think is the practise... and since every wardrobe is about this size... So shouldn't have any problem...

Get a relief now... because with the door, it doesnt look very shallow now... :dancingqueen:


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Since olden days, carpenters has the same teachings of doing carpentry works...

A raw plank of plywood usually comes in size of 4ft x 8ft exactly.

To make use of tis size, its being cut into 2 (2ft x 8ft). Bcs of its bulky size, although using machine to cut, slantings might occur. (imagine 1 person working on a 4ft x 8ft plywood)

Usually, the side of the plywoods r damaged during transportation or mishandling...

After cutting/trim the sides abt 2inch, left 2 x(22inch x 8ft)..

As our clothes hangers is abt 18inch to 20inch, 21inch is the standard carcass depth for wadrobes (agreed n practiced by older carpenters)

So do kitchen cabinets(bottom) as well...

Depth of wardrobe carcass is 21inch (min), 23inch (max), depends on the material n cuttings by carpenter...

Imagine u need a wardrobe wif depth more than 23 inch, how many amount of raw materials needed? The cost can reach to 40% more than wad its quoted....

There's always a reason for carpenter's measurements n doings...

Its more on technical...

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- contractor shd do site measurement so s 2 accomodate e carpentry which is measure 2 make, not make 2 fit.

- standard depth of wardrobe is 2 ft frm e external facia (door surface) 2 e abutting wall behind.

- minus away e thickness of e door, e hardwood bracing behind & e plywood panel behind, e effective internal clearance is definitely less than 2ft.

- olso depends on e internal configuration of e wardrobe, so s 2 determine how shallow or how deep e wardrobe can go.

- s e wardrobe had oleady been done, 2 amend, basically is 2 redo e whole wardrobe.

- it wil hav pre-drilled screw holes, joint parts & patched areas if add-on 2 deeper e depth.



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My common room wardrobe is only 53cm if measure inside...

The place can cater for about 65cm... Not due to space issue...

I measured my hubby's suit, the cover of suit is about 60cm... I feel 53cm is a bit too little...

My master room's wardrobe the in depth is 53cm due to space constraint... So I suspect my contractor didn't instruct his worker well and only mentioned about master room's in depth... Or they just make their work easy by making the two wardrobe same size...

But contractor say the board itself is 60cm, but they have to cut the two side to make it good & straight... So become 53cm ...blah blah..

Mine is the standard swing door. He mentioned if sliding door, because the sliding track occupy some space, so they use different board, so it can have more in depth...

What should be the standard depth for wardrobe? And can they still do anything to make it deeper?? :bangwall:

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