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For Sale: Stunning 5'i' Cck 690b

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Valuation 422k.

No noon sun.

Very exclusive.

Call CK now @ 8262 3834!

Open House Sun 4:30pm.






For more pictures, go to www.sellhdbdiy.com

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- 422K +32k, cheap leh, chiong ah(one done in march 2010, val+cov =407K, 11-15 floor)

- Only 8 year old flat.

- Got home theatre some more, see until eye-ball pop out and black black next day.

- Rise platform bed room, foster glass at side??.

- Dinning room got air con, shiok. Eat slowing, enjoy meal. Don't know how those "smells" get out.

- A lot of lighting here & there leh, always switch on meh?

- Don't know photos taken recently or 8 yrs ago leh.

- 2 photos on scenery (trees) showed different "height" of location of photo being taken, should be >8th floor.

- Kitchen super cleaned, looked quite "empty", owner hardly "hand on" leh.

- How come no tiolets' photo - too urgly to be seen?

Any other "kpo" observations?

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1st time encounter seller do the web until so nice.

1st thing come into my mind is..

wah liao.. so white

I will clean until I siao

especially the kitchen.

Nice to see.. hard to maintence


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