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[help] Renovation Packages...

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Hi I am new to this forum, first time posting. I will be getting my keys end of this year so right now i am busying sourcing for a reliable contractor. As i have a budget constraint, if you have any contractor lobang below 15k and does a excellent job kindly let me know =)

Details of my Flat:

4-room flat


Premium Flat

I just started soucing and found one rather good package IMO but I am a noob so i need advise:

A. CARPENTRY WORKS: external in laminate finish

1 Design & install 10ft top kitchen cabinet (laminated) + ABS

2 Design & install 10ft Bottom kitchen cabinet (laminated) +ABS

3 Supply & install new 2-Tier Stainless Steel Dish drainer-1 set

4 Supply labour to install cooker hob & hood into Kitchen cabinet

5 Supply & install with 2 nos Frosted Glass Panel

6 Design & install 8' L x 8'Ht feature wall c/w swing door at Household shelter

7 Design & install 6' L x 6'Ht feature wall above TV console **** area

8 Design & install 6' L TV console **** area


9 Supply & construct base for cabinet, with tiles

10 Supply & construct base for washing machine, with tiles

11 Supply & construct base for Refrigerator, with tiles

12 Supply & construct 1 no shower kerb,with tiles


13 Supply & install water inlet pipe for sink in kitchen

14 Supply & install water outlet pipe for sink in kitchen

15 Supply & install water inlet pipe for washing machine in kitchen

16 Supply & install outlet pipe for washing machine in kitchen

17 Supply labour to install 2 sets toilets accessories in 2 toilets.

18 Supply labour to install 2 nos Mirrors in 2 toilets

19 Supply labour to connect water pipe for 2 sets instant heaters

20 Supply labour to install 1 no washing machine tap


21 Supply labour to install 10 ceiling lights

22 Supply labour to connect 2 instant heater

23 Supply labour to connect hob in kitchen cabinet

24 Supply labour to connect hood into kitchen cabinet

25 Supply labour to connect door bell at existing Points

E. PAINTING WORKS 26 To paint whole house, using ICI Walls & Ceiling

27 To paint whole house copper/pvc pipes

28 To paint or varnish for whole house doors, main door included

29 To paint or varnish for whole house door frame

F. CEILING WORKS 30 Supply & construct L-Box light holders in living area

31 Supply & construct L-Box light holders in dining area

32 Supply & construct false ceiling at foyer entrance

33 Supply & construct false ceiling at bedroom's entrance


34 Supply labour with acid washing whole house

35 Supply labour to clean up whole house windows & grills

36 Supply Corrugated board to protect whole house existing flooring

37 Supply labour to summit HDB application, for all renovation Works

Whole package they quote for Premium flat is $11,600.


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