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My Newly Installed Wc (Toilet Bowl) From Lucky Khoon (Joo Chiat)

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Sorry for having this impression: you keep pointing the focus away from Lucky Khoon and kept pointing finger at my contractor. I had the plumber to come down to fix the problems related to their work. I have also tested the work done by my contractor. Yes, my contractor has to take part of the blame but Lucky Khoon cannot be totally absolved from this yet until they have explained to me the root cause. I have isolated possible problems (eg leaking at joints). That is why my contractor suggested Lucky Khoon to come down. They kept dragging their feet, did not turn up for appointments.

Hi psk, I m sorry if I came across as defending lucky khoon even though I m not related to them in any way. I cannot comment on your complaint about lucky khoon. And i seek your kind understanding that it's not my idea to be drawn into the dispute u have had with lucky khoon as it is none of my concern.

Based on your photographs & whatever that I read up from your blog, I had out of goodwill, tried to assist you in simple trouble shooting based on our DIY skills acquired when we stayed in Europe & USA.

However, I can empathise that you had your own line of reasoning in slamming down on lucky khoon after they failed to turn up during appointments.

Your narration & some of the photographs pointed out that the plumbers involved are mediocratic in their installation. That's based on our experience as DIY experts & through past installations done for our homes.

I hope that your plumbing issues could be resolved to your satisfaction.

Best wishes!

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