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Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations?

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Thank you for your kind time to read this message.

How does Carewin product work on beds , sofa and even clothes ?  

* Light, Compact and portable

*Sleek design

*Helps in sanitizing and sterilizing beds

 *Excellent result  is similar to that of a professional mattress cleaning

3-stage innovative cleaning process

Stage 1: Vibrating beater bar loosens up dust, dead skin and dust mites

Stage 2: Vacuum motor extracts them up

Stage 3: UV light sterilizes the bed and kills germs and dust mites

Watch this video clip at 


This product is ideal to be excellent gift for all occasions like wedding, baby's full moon, company D&D events, mother's day, Xmas Day, housewarming, lucky draws, etc.

Pls do refer me to your friends n clients who re thinking of buying great gifts for their beloved ones or company D&D events 

Thanks a trillion

Retail price is $428 

But It costs $328 after a $100 discount.Plus free hepa filter n delivery. 

Also comes with a 1yr warranty, 3 pin plug n user manual in English.

This promotion will end on 31/1/2013.

A long term Benefit:maintenance service after sales support is still on. So it means that you can contact me directly in case of unit breakdown or additional hepa filter purchase.

Then you don't have to worry about looking around for filters or a repairman.

I sincerely say that you will never regret buying this awesome cleaner cos it is powerful enough to be complement to the existing vacuum cleaner you re using now.

Do call/SMS me at 8347 7637 for further discussion on this product or bulky orders.

If you re interested to buy this vacuum cleaner from me, you can pay cash on delivery. Then you don't have to worry about anything.


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Hi all,

Just to share my experience with dyson Singapore.

The service personel from dyson Singapore just put aeroplane today 15/01/2013.

Appointment was made a week ago through their dyson service hotline.

Today waited a whole day at home for the service personel, took leave from work.

Then no show from their service personel, not even a call.

This dyson giving 5 years on site warranty or lifetime warranty is maybe but all bull story.

Super poor after sales service from Dyson Singapore.

Give it a second thought if you are considering buying a dyson.



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I've Found This One yesterday Vacuum Cleaner I Think Really cool and I recommend to use it , it's very cheap , Here is The details :

1. Powerful cleaning ability in 30-45 angles
2. Removable filter screen
3. Plug-and-go ability
4. Portable handheld design

Manufacturer Specifications:
Voltage rating: 12V
Power Consumption: 48W
Dimension: 290*110*90mm


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I am using Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner. Its really helpful in my daily household cleaning. It effectively take out dirt from the sofas and chairs.You can clean the hard to reach surfaces with its long suction hose. Another important thing to note is that its noiseless with a retractable cord and air filters. Its easily adjustable and has a six stage suction.Hope this helps.

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I got a shark steam cleaning cost 300 plus.. did pretty decent stain and mopping it goes to 90-100 degree..

Recently bought dyson V8 which I feel is impt for it portable and light weight as well as easy clearing of dust.. 

Base on personal experience of cleaning my house for 5 years.. tried from caveman broom and mop to more electronic stuff.. 

light and portable, good suction and easy clearing of dust is impt.. but exp!!! but a shark + dyson = cost 1200 to 1400 max cheaper to comparing to rainbow and dopline for all -in one use 3-4k.

those tradition vacuum cleaner style is bulky and heavy.. require to switch point pt and get stuck at table and cant reach out to those high places due to portable issue.. and when clearing of bag or bag less u will breath in or get spill over dust..

Anyway depend how deep your wallet are.. some pple use maid even better..

I tried before the trial of rainbow and dopine.. I dun like it.. and it expensive, bulky.. I'm engineer myself and have seen those cleaning devices in those industry and base on the spec it gave.. alot of market out there have similar item and performance.. but again it personal preference.. some pple like to have all in one.. 



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