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  1. Check yafen.sg for pricing. I have been using their products and services for several years. Very good value for money and good quality. No complaints thus far.
  2. Storage water heater costs $200+ plus around $100 labor, so it is still cheaper to repair than to change new.
  3. Second this advice. Try to maintain a good relationship with your contractor. A lot of these contractors are lowly educated and will not hesitate to sabo you.
  4. Second this recommendation. Been using their products and services for a few years. No problems.
  5. I had the same problem. The contract removed the screws and wall plugs from the brackets and installed new ones.
  6. I bought my LED lights and ceiling fans from yafen.sg. I don't think they have KDK though. Got them to install as well. Highly recommended by a lot of folks. Cheap and good.
  7. For bathroom flooring, I recommend homogeneous or porcelain non-slip tiles as they are not porous and extremely durable these days.
  8. My 1 year old parquet floor is filled with scratches. I am not sure if it is the quality of the parquet used or just rough usage.
  9. xiaomi mi robot vacuum No Horse Run Read the reviews online
  10. Anyway to tell if a jade is real or fake?
  11. I have had termite infestation before. From my experience, it is not possible to DIY.
  12. Colour dye is a quality problem. You should get Joyce to resolve it.
  13. No, maintenance fees and sinking fund cannot be waived. I tried asking before and the answer was no.