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Caution About Lucky Khoon

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Juz want to warn ppl about Lucky Khoon since there hasn't been many reviews about them - very popular with IDs and contractors I believe.

I bought a cheap CP-Uno WC (and a bunch of other stuff) from them - it leaked about 3 weeks after installation (luckily I haven't moved in yet). My plumber found that it was cracked originally (was patched, I have pictures) and hence the leakage. :bangwall: This was replaced with a new, identical one which promptly leaked as well !! This time, the day after installation cos this time, I really started "testing" it - scared liow. :bleah:

At this point, I lost confidence in their product and asked for a refund :argue: and was flatly refused. Instead, they "generously" offered to replace it with a more expensive one (aka "better" - ya right, sorry for my scepticism :no: ) with an "ai lai, mai sua" attitude.

Sorry, at this point, 老娘不稀罕 (english: i dun give a *insert-your-favourite-expletive*) :furious: - i wrote it off and bought a new one (different brand, different shop).

Morals of the story : 1) dun buy cheap WCs; 2) dun buy from this store cos their after-sales service attitude sux big time

Some people may say I'm crazy to simply reject their offer to replace (and hence my $$) but to me, this is more not having to deal with them anymore - what if the replacement dies after a few months ?? I want the peace of mind... :wacko:

P.S. I looked through the lemon law definition - it basically states that they can keep replacing until it is ok, but the interpretation of "If the seller fails to repair or replace the goods within a reasonable time or without significant inconvenience to consumer, the consumer may ask for a reduction in price or return the product for a refund." is very grey currently. They simply stated that I can go ahead and invoke this on them (which made more more furious) - so just for the heck of it, I do want to find out what my rights are under this.


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This people know they will get away once it become too troublesome to pin them with the "Orange law, lemon law or apple law"

Law would not be able to draft in a watertight way, therefore there will always be grey area and look we live in a grey world.

The only way we can prevent ourself from all this cheater is to always doubt their service and product.

Learn more about what you are going to purchase or service you wish to engage.

I personally has faced with big, medium, small, local and oversea company which will not give you upfront honest product and service. They will have long list of "catch 22" terms and conditions to put their profit and convenience before their customer. I have purchased with a reputed online air-ticket website which they confirmed me with ticket confirmation numbers and end up 4 hour later to tell me that I need to pay extra to release the ticket.

I have also purchased a "Leather" jacket at Hong Kong airport one of the Italian brand shop and less than 3 months found the part near to the hand area peeled and yet they insist I did not care enough for the jacket. I consult two leather care specialist and they confirm that this is not real leather product. This is laminated leather material.

Sorry to say that due to the tough business world out there, majority of the trade operation out there will not give you satisfactory service without a struggle.

It doesn't matter you purchase from "branded" shop or from small outlet. Not many of them is ready to conduct sound business practice. If you find one, your lucky day.

You need to fend for your right, good luck.


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This thread was from 2013. I did not start this thread but I want to remind everyone again "BE CAUTION ABOUT LUCKY KHOON". 

My bro has his bad experience and now me! I know I should have learn from my bro's experience and not buy anything from them but I still bought from them because their offer is cheaper. First time buying and last time!


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