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Buying Furniture Online

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Buying Office Furniture Online is always a tough task because very few suppliers have the options for it, we always get many options for home furnishing but not for office easily. So, Tofarch bring the concept of office furnishing with the customization according to your space and budget. So, let's have a conversation, or we can sit on a table to discuss about every furniture of your office. Call at: +91-9599985440


Office Furniture Online.png


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FitoutZ is the best E-commerce I have ever. I ordered furniture for my office & they are pretty awesome.

Also they delivered on time.  FitoutZ really helped me a lot. Explore more to get best commercial/workplace furniture for your business.


Aarti Chairs H501, Office Chair-600x600.jpg


Office Sofas PL - 9012-600x600.jpg


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Hi Guys, :) I make this kind of chairs, but  hardest part for me is to set the appropriate price.What do you think what will be the appropriate price for this kind of chair? I see online some companies sell it for even 100 usd, but it's super cheap for me. Do you think 200-250 USD is overpriced for that kind of high quality and comfy chair?

Thanks for your advice!


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On 13/06/2013 at 8:01 PM, tailgas said:

I am considering buying furniture online. Like to sound out the general public view on this? Hoping to hear some personal advice and experience!

Looks like in general buy online or physical also at risk of bad delivery service, bad goods received. Senseart, grakfunt, etc. is what i hear in the recent threads.

buy online seems to be cheaper (logical to me, cos no physical store). but not able to feel and touch. but designs look pretty good and modern.

I went to IFC, ikea. Scan Teak etc. Touch feel go home, also forgot. Sofa firm or not firm also all about the same. Fabric hot or not hot, leather hot or not hot, all air conditioned can't tell much. all sort of boils down to design only.

Anyone can share more? My cousins in australia bought furniture online and the comment is good for value!


Consider twice when you wish to purchase with picket and rail,

On 11th Feb 8 PM my mum has made a purchase with Picket&Rail. While confirming the purchase, sales representative did not inform her that purchase made cannot be cancelled, only informing her that the item takes 3 months to be completed and delivered. On 12th Feb at around 9 AM she informed me to notify the company that she will like to cancel her purchase and seek my assistance to contact Picket&Rail regarding this. I have immediately attempt to call the store (however store / mall only opens at 10 AM). Hence, I drop the company an email stating my request. At about noon, I finally reached the sales representative and informed her of my mum's decision. She then inform me that this request has to be submitted to their finance department which starts work on Monday. Being detailed in my request, I have also requested that she informed suppliers abroad of my cancellation and halt any form of construction or purchase. This is to avoid Picket&Rail from having to incur any form of cost and starting on a cancelled sales. All these are done within less than 24 hours of the purchase and I would think this is in line with consumer protection act (I am not law trained so I am not sure if this fits) In any case, I don't think the merchant has incurred any damages at this point. I have also reach out to the credit card company and was told that merchant can cancel any purchase made on the credit card within 14 days. However today, I was told that cancellation is not possible at all. Without any reason as to why this is not a possible option. I seek the owner of Picket&Rail re consideration and provide a justification as to why a full refund is not possible if so. Till date, no positive response. 


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I believe in doing research online before going down to retail stores to look at the actual thing. Unfortunately, only some of singapore's furniture websites are good. I have compiled a list showing which sites are nice.

Good product descriptions and awesome closeups. Products look a little photoshopped though.

Nook and Cranny
Shows their furniture in nice environments. Could be a good or bad thing as it might distort judgement. But still nice

Grey and Sanders
The best part about this website is the 360 degree product display. It allows you to get a very good idea of the product even before seeing it.

I love their sizing tool which allows to see how big an item will look in your house.



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There are multiple options to buy in store and/ or online. Furniture retailers have their own site. There are new sites that have multiple retailers on one online store and wherein you can collaborate and chat with your partner, while selecting your furniture. Happy shopping!

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Buying furniture online could be risky as well as very beneficial. It all depends upon where you buy it from and how do you select your furniture.


  • You don't have to go to different stores.
  • You can purchase it from anywhere.
  • You can also get it delivered anywhere.
  • There are lot of options online.
  • You can compare prices and check through different providers.


  • You should have knowledge about furniture.
  • You may get cheated if you don't buy from a good company.

According to my experience you might go for shopping furniture online.


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Hello tailgas,

I have some suggestion. If you want to buy furniture from online always check the online store or website. They allow MasterCard, Payoneer or Paypal. Also you need to check their product review. You need to check their reputation. If everything is right you can bought from online. I have one suggestion for you.  You can check out this http://www.moderndiningchairs.net article. I think you will get your full answer from this site. Thank you


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