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Glass Lighting & Clear Glass Led Filament Where To Get?

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I'm looking for this light and anyone know where I can get it cheap/value? Not overpriced, mid range will do but most importantly need good sales service to install the lights.


I want it in this colour.


Also, I'm concern about the light bulb as the existing one is tungsten and is very warm. I heard LED one is coming out and it's a brighter shade of warm white. Anyone know where i can buy from? Overseas or local?

The bulk measures about 11cm long and around 2-3cm in diameter. Te key thing is we need a clear bulb for it to look nice and preferable in LED.

The shop I went to is currently out of stock and i need to wait for 2 months so I don't ind getting it from elsewhere.


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I just found out the name of the lamp and it is by designer Jeremy Pyles. Anyone tried using Jeremy Pyle Pharos pendant lamps like those above? Is it hot? I am thinking of using 3 pieces of the first one above my dining table.

Also, I was told the LED version of the clear bulb may be available in the market sometime soon. Is it true??

Hope someone can enlighten me here.


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