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Mission Impossible

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I've got to eat my words now.


we headed over to the Expo during the long weekend to check out the Times Book Fair. Even though the poor HTB was ill after his business trip so we only went down after he was finally a bit more human. Funny how his 'illness' means he needs to sleep a lot but when he's inside the Book Fair, he can treasure hunt for 1 1/2 hours, no problem. :curse:

After hunting for treasures, he finally emerged with a carton of 30+ books. Guess he's finally satisfied 8|


After we were done with the Book Fair, we heeded Greglhc's advice to check out the Home Expo and we're so glad we did!

We had a great time haggling with Pierce, the owner of Bez Gallery, over the price of the bedframe (storage bed, headboard etc). He's extremely patient and friendly. I've tried to find negative reviews of them but havn't come across any as yet so we placed our deposit for the following -


I've always wanted something like this and thankfully the hubs is perfectly fine with it. Another item off the list! :jammin:

hi zihui

are you able to share with me your experience of the after sales service with bez gallery?

we made a purchase with them at the furniture expo last weekend, and couple days ago i found quite a few negative reviews about them. getting so worried =(

there were also some positive reviews though.

most of the negative reviews were because of delivery delays.. and some were months delayed!

appreciate if you could PM me, thanks!


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Hi zihui,

Can you provide the contacts of your wall decal person as I think you have pretty good experience with them now right? I can't seem to send you any new message, so, will appreciate if you can reply here or pm me. :)


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Hi mrmerry,

you are absolutely correct! :thumbs up:

we won't be using an ID in order to save costs. Instead, we'll be using my fiance's contractor uncle who has cleared his entire schedule to make sure that he can oversee his crew during this crucial period to deliver the house by early November so that we can move in after our wedding.

Buying a house, planning a wedding all at the same time on a shoestring budget - hence the title of my t-blog! :sport-smiley-003:

Can pm me ur contarctor contact? Thanks thnking of getting adn em and on a shoestring budget as well ..


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