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Kdk Fan Prices In Malaysia (Jb)

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For those interested in getting KDK fans from JB, these are the prices I got from one of the retailer/dealer there (I suppose the prices are standardized?)

Ceiling Fan (Suitable for HDB)

K11Z1 (Baby Fan), 110cm/44" -RM330

K14Y2 (V-Touch Jr), 140cm/56" -RM390

K14Z9 (Sensa 4), 140cm/56" -RM470

K15Z9 (Sensa 5), 150cm/60" -RM560

Stand Fan

KX-405, 40cm/16" -RM150

Remote Control Wall Fan

KC-4GR, 40cm/16" -RM206

Wall Mounted Ventilating Fans

20AQM8, 20cm/8" -RM89

25AQM7, 25cm/10" -RM107

P.S. I only went to check the price for reference and to compare with the prices in Singapore. I do not know about the warranty or do we have to pay tax to bring it back to Singapore


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Price is right, but please check with local agent Capital, all machine brought outside singapore will not be cover warranty or service from local agent, so if you indent to save some buck, buy local sets so that all the machine will be cover by local agent.



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