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  1. Hi, do you mind sharing where did you get the craft bricks and the cost of the bricks??? And also how much did your contractor charge you for lying? ) Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Supermama, could you also PM me your ID contact thanks in advance
  3. Hello! Any reviews on the sensor switch yet?
  4. For those interested in getting KDK fans from JB, these are the prices I got from one of the retailer/dealer there (I suppose the prices are standardized?) Ceiling Fan (Suitable for HDB) K11Z1 (Baby Fan), 110cm/44" -RM330 K14Y2 (V-Touch Jr), 140cm/56" -RM390 K14Z9 (Sensa 4), 140cm/56" -RM470 K15Z9 (Sensa 5), 150cm/60" -RM560 Stand Fan KX-405, 40cm/16" -RM150 Remote Control Wall Fan KC-4GR, 40cm/16" -RM206 Wall Mounted Ventilating Fans 20AQM8, 20cm/8" -RM89 25AQM7, 25cm/10" -RM107 P.S. I only went to check the price for reference and to compare with the prices in Singapore. I do not know about the warranty or do we have to pay tax to bring it back to Singapore
  5. Hi, anybody ever engaged Kbiz Design & Build Pte Ltd? Care to share some feedbacks? ;D