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Washing Machines?

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Hi everyone,

currently looking for washing machine. Was pretty much set on Hitachi, even though it is slightly more ex, but I thought the water consumption is less (>6l per kg according to PUB testing), so can save on water bills. But I went to a major electronics department store, and was told Hitachi not value for money. One customer had the motherboard replaced twice in less than a year. And the rubber gusset is not good, will leak after a while. For the money, should spend a bit more and get Bosh

He then kept selling LG. So I'll like to ask if all the things he said is true. According to him,

1. Direct drive motor quieter, save energy longer lasting cause no belt.

2. LG provides 5 year warranty on rubber gusset

3. Only LG has weight detection on a front loader and adjust the water and time accordingly. And he prove this by tuning on and the machine does not indicate time, while the sensing indicator flashes. Other machines display the time immediately. To me I don't see how sending the weight affects the washing time. If 1 cycle is 5 min, 10 cycle is 50 min, whether is half load or full load.

Anyone with knowledge can verify these claims?


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Hey Garrison. i have a samsung washing machine for sale if you would like? its only about 6-7 mths old. because im moving to another place and it has built in washing machines. so i cant take mine. would you like to get it off my hands?


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