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Wts: Car Air Purifier

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Link: http://ninglife.com/collections/air-purifier/products/car-air-purifier


1. Create anions, which effectively purify the smoke in the car, and prevent harm caused by second hand smoke.
2. React with the oxygen in the air, which eliminates all kinds of odor and disinfects the car, in order to make the air in the car pure and clean.
3. Collect the dust by electrostatic, which generates high voltage at 6,000V (low current, safe with outer protection case), it is also able to absorb the particles as well as kill the bacteria at 0.1ug. It is convenient to clean as well.
4. Have an activated carbon filtration system, which effectively absorbs the harmful gases, such as ammonia and benzene, at effective rate above 96%.


1. ESP Static Dust Collection Tube Group

The device adopts strong electromagnetic field to make the dust floating in the air charge, when the electric air pass through the ESP static dust tube group, not only the big particles will be adsorbed, but also the air will not be blocked.

2. Activated carbon filter

The device can absorb the harmful gases in car, which can remove the ammonia and benzene through the treatment by the activated carbon. The adsorption rate can reach 96% and above.The design of the plug is very user friendly in terms of cleaning and changing.

3. Ozone timing sterilizer

Ozone output: 100mg/h, 5,15,30 minutes ozone timing.

4. Ionizer purification

Anion output: 5,000,000 ions/ cm3,. It can remove the second hand smoke in the car effectively to improve the air quality and to prevent the air conditioning diseases while you are driving.

Product Usage

1. Insert the product into the cup holder of the car, and insert the adapter into the cigarette lighter in order to connect it.

2. Turn on the switch, make sure the ion function works, adjust the fan to "1", press the right fan key to adjust the speed of the fan, which has "1" "2" "3" different model ; press the left ozone timing sterilization key to adjust the sterilization time, which has "5" "15" "30" minutes model.

Product Maintenance

1. Dust Collection Gate: Open the back cover of the product, take out the dust collection gate and wash it, then dry it and install it in the same place, no need to change it (wash it every 10 days is recommended).

2. Activated Carbon Filter: Suggest to wash the activated carbon filter every one month, the washing method is the same as that of dust collection gate(change the filter every year is recommended).


Link: http://ninglife.com/collections/air-purifier/products/car-air-purifier


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