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Taobao Agent Peeka Review - Must Read For Lights Shipper!

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I’ve been using Superbuy Taobao shopping agent (Click here) to buy bargains from Taobao. This is a slow-and-steady company – after winning the overseas Chinese a wide range of support and good reputation, now Superbuy is entering the English-speakers market. The followings are my likes and dislikes about this China shopping agent service provider: 

-    0 service charge.
-    Offer 24 hour online customer service – possibly no agent can do that in current market, and you even can contact their CEO directly if you’re not satisfied with their customer service people.
-    Their international shipping cost is the lowest I know. Sending a 2KG item to US using DHL only costs $32.8.
-    Product photos available for purchasing procedure, and promise compensation for damaged goods.

-    The domestic shipping fee is a little high.
-    Since they just launched their English-version site, the English service is good but not excellent. Hope they enhance and perfect their English service ASAP. 


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First of all, this is not an advertisement for Peeka, I am just sharing my experience. In all honesty, I could also suggest that you are a Peeka competitor and is just trying to hurt the company.

I suggest you guys take a read at the review first and judge for yourself. The Pros and Cons are clearly listed and there is also a list of other shipping options listed.

The fact is, I don't care. I dont care whether Peeka is indeed hurt, whether their freaking sales drop or increase, because I am not from Peeka.

I just share the review because it help to save me money in terms of visually providing me a picture of the items before shipping it over. Their reply on the questions are also fast.

My question to you readers before you ship anything

Would you like to save 50 bucks on shipping using a cheaper shipper and risk shipping a lighting or furniture that looks like crap, or would you like to see your 300 bucks item and have it checked before shipping over.

side note: I dont care if you are just trying to hurt Peeka business or for that matter any shipper business. Its not my business and I dont care!

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Dont be fooled by this advertisement.

Peeka has one of the worst service, price and delivery time.


  • They charge by weight (instead of cbm) so you lose out and heavy and compact items
  • They have hidden charges like excessive length and etc
  • They charge you for storage fees after 10 days (inclusive of weekends/public holidays) but their system dont update on weekend FOR EACH ITEM


  • Before shipping to Singapore, when you call their number +65 6871 4009 and ask about when they pack to ship, they will tell you today or tomorrow. But it will take more than a week
  • You can call in and complain. Their attitude is that you have your choice of forwarder, since you chose us, this is what you get.
  • Because they are a local SME, most employees are shareholders themselves. You cannot complain because by offending them they will purposely delay your order.

Delivery Speed

  • One time I used Peeka, they took more 7 days to consolidate my shipment and ship it out.
  • They consolidate orders so if they dont have enough orders to ship out to get their volume discount with the ship, they will delay shipping out your order.
  • Once on ship, they took more than 16 days to reach Singapore (for the price you are paying, they profit by choosing the slowest stopover shipping routes)

I am V5 taobao member and have shipped through air (usually choose 4px) and a wrong choice of shipping company like Peeka will end you in more frustration that you wished you buy locally

Yes Peeka have a system that consolidate orders online for you, and inform you through email but shipping is about the speed, pricing, and the service of the company. I was also drawn into it, but eventually

Dont be fooled by Peeka advertisements.


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For people who are looking to ship lights or furniture over, I think its better to use Peeka or other agents that actually check your items before purchasing. The items on the taobao website can be very different from the acutal item itself. Just to share so that less people fall trap to the nice looking pictures on the taobao merchants.

Review on Peeka


Website looks


Actual looks


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