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A New Beginning...

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I personally sweep, vacuum and mop twice already but is still feeling abit dusty and sticky.

For the kitchen, i scrub and wash again and no longer feel the dusty/sandy feel.. its the hall and rooms.

Anyone can advise?

Dont worry, part and parcel of post renovation.

Just repeat what you had done for another 10 times and things will improve. :sport-smiley-003:

Seriously, not joking.


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Hi..have you started using your hob yet? Could you give a review please. Thanks.

Sorry for the lateness, hope its not too late.

I was first introduced to the brand HOBZ by my good friend whom uses the HC 682 (Stainless Steel)

My previous hob's flame is pretty small and the design wasn't made for easy cleaning. So whenever I'm at my friend's house I will actually admire her hob as she gets to do her cooking and cleaning fast & fuss free.

The HC 682 hob which my friend uses, the flame is really really big, good for chinese cooking to get the oil heated up fast and food smelling good easy to achieve the "wok hei" taste in her cooking.

However, my ID was quite resistance against the idea of a steel hob as aesthetically it's not so nice as compared to the glass hob.
Also, from HOBZ website, I saw the specification for the HG 1782 it states that the left big burner is of inner flame and it is the only model with inner flame. Impressed with Rinnai's inner flame burner yet not willing to fork out so much money for it. I decided to purchase HG 1782 hoping that it will turn out good.
The first time i turned on the stove I was sorely disappointed that the flame wasn't big at all and the inner flame wasn't like Rinnai's.
It wasn't really small like some that I've seen at other peoples home but it wasn't as big as I expected it to be. Thinking this will be it, I just let it be..
However, after cooking for a couple of times I've realized that the flame starts to get bigger and even though it's flame is not as big as my friends HOBZ HC 682, the HG 1782 flame is reasonably big enough to heat a wok full of oil and keep the temperature constant to ensure my food doesn't turn soggy when i deep fry!
If given a choice, I will choose the HG 1782 again as it matches well with my kitchen design and yet is good for my cooking use.
For the price I've paid, this is definitely a good buy!

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