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Led Downlights 6W Or 12W

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Hi Guys,

I wanted to buy led downlights for my Reno thru online purchase. Those square led lights that are fitted on false ceilings, or L-box

The options for these lights are 6w, 12w, 18w.

I'm thinking to get 6w since there will be a couple of led lights to be fitted on the l-box or false ceilings.

Not sure if 6w is bright enough, or usually people go for 12w?


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If it's for home, i thought 6W will be good enough especially if you have other ambience light.

Of course, that'll depend on how far away you spread them out and what's your comfort level for brightness. Let's say, if you have around 10 lighting points in the living room, 6W will be cozy. But if you have children studying in the living room and you don't want additional table lamps, perhaps you should go for 12W ones.

If costs is not a big big issue, why not just go for 12W ones and get your electrician to separate them into different switches? That way, you can turn on only those that you need and adjust them to brightness.

Finally, you always have dimmer options though they cost more. :)


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It also depends on the number of lights you are installing in a given area. And the ambience you would like to create in your place. I have encountered the same issue. In the end, I consult my electrician and trust his judgement.


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