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Your house turned out looking quite nice, Never really thought of that theme before. Looks super cosy. Looks like Mr J did a really good job. You mind sharing his contact? I am getting my keys hopefully in July. My wife and I have an idea on what we want the house to look like so we are not sure to get ID or contractor. But looking at your blog, we might just go for a contractor. Hopefully we can click with Mr J. One more thing, i travel a lot for my work so in terms of visiting and checking the progress i might not be able to do it. Is Mr J reliable enough to be left on his own?


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Hi Countryglow

Do you mind sharing the contact of your contractor with me? I think we are neighbours! Just got my sale of balance 5-room BTO in March! Thanks in advance!



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On 9 August 2015 at 9:58 AM, danigra said:


Can u pm mi the address for the acrylic sheet at ubi, and how much u pay for the cutting?

Where you buy the drain hair catching sheet? Is it at daiso?

And also the black boltless L-shaped rack, can u share the contact & costs? Is the base using plywood or metal? What is the dimension of ur rack? Sorry for the list of long quries.

Thanks in advance

Hi, can pm mi the address for the acrylic sheet at ubi too?


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On 15 March 2015 at 3:05 AM, CountryGlow said:

Getting an ID or/and contractor for such a niche theme is definitely not easy. We started ploughing through home decor websites and magazines to gain ideas and hopefully find a suitable ID with a country-style portfolio. As what we have expected, there are not many whom we can consider. We have however managed to meet up with 3 IDs which we gave up eventually because one of them couldn't really understand what theme we wanted, while the other 2 gave great design ideas but with a BIG price tag :( I gotta admit, probably half of me have already expected the 'uncommon or unpopularity' of a country-style theme, hence, we didn't put much effort to search for IDs, knowing that there are not many out there in the market. And since Hubby and I are clear of the design and layout we want, we decided to be our own ID and engage a contractor instead! *That's a big step of faith which we decided to take*

Well...scouting for a contractor who has experience renovating country-style themes is none the easier. Unless we have the exact pictures and designs which we wanted + good good communication skills to convey what we have in mind, we figure out that our desired theme would likely backfire. Horribly. :blink: But thank God, we managed to get 2 recommendations from our friend & my aunty who had engaged them to do up their almost-country-style-homes and so, we met up with Mr B and Mr J!

Mr B - Nice and patient contractor. He had done up my friend's home and achieved the country-cottage theme. However, he charges pretty high for his carpentry works.....which is out of our budget. But as we know that country-style theme is all about the carpentry e.g wainscotting, trimming and accessorises, we could have engaged him even if it means blowing a bigger hole in our pockets. We put him on our KIV list and met up with Mr J next.

Mr J - He's my aunty's contact. Also a nice chap but he's not experienced in the theme we want. My aunty however gave us good reviews of his character, workmanship and post-reno services, which we thought are crucial to our considerations. Plus his quotation turns out to be reasonable, which my aunty also told us that Mr J is a generous contractor whom we can negotiate on certain costings and throw in some 'freebies' for us. That, scored him brownie points. Hehe!

Seriously guys, my hubby and I thought through real hard before we came to a decision on which contractor we should engage (although there are only 2 to consider, it was tough). We are most worried to choose the wrong contractor as we certainly don't wish for our country-style maison to end up a flop. In the end, we chose Mr J as our contractor. The next big step of faith. As we believe that one's workmanship and post-reno services are very important, we decided to give him a shot. Of course we took on the onus to communicate clearly to him on our actual designs as we partner along with him to construct our dream house. Keeping our fingers crossed, we finally started renovation this week! :jammin: Oh yes, prior to that, we went through 2 months of ding-dong-ing with BSC on our rectifications and for HDB to approve our hacking and the renovation permit. This past CNY break was the longest one we had as we can't wait to start renovating our new flat...!

Before I share more on our renovation, these are our requirements which we communicated clearly to Mr J :)

Living room

- As our standard BTO flat doesn't come with tiles, we bought long wooden-like tiles separately and Mr J only needs to provide labour to lay tiles.

- No false ceilings or built-in TV consoles (as we have purchsed all our french designed furniture separately)

- Wainscotting i.e. Chair-rail and beadboard on living room walls

- Hack through half of bedroom 3 wall to look into living room, fixed with tempered glass and white wooden border like a cottage window



Kitchen & Service yard

- One side with top & bottom cabinets, and the other side only bottom cabinets. White laminates with blue trimmings for a country-style kitchen

- Since Hubby & I don't cook much, we opted for blue solid surface counter top

- Ceiling to be painted baby blue (Hehe...I like a blueish country kitchen - see below 1st pic)

- Service yard to be painted a soft glowing yellow - see below 2nd pic for overall feel.



MBR and bedroom 2

- Bedroom 2 will be our walk-in-wardrobe + dressing room (can't wait to see my french dresser table! :P)

- Hack wall opposite MBR bathroom to WIW at bedroom 2

- Wallpaper at MBR and bedroom 2

- Tiffany green coloured door for MBR

Bedroom 3

- This will our exercise room cum Hubby's toy display area!

- Clear tempered glass PD door for bedroom 3

- Hubby is considering a built in cabinet for his TOYs.....

- Ceiling to be painted tiffany green (as seen below :notti:)

These are our requirements so far and hopefully will turn out to our expectations! We are still researching and changing our ideas on the go! Haha...thankfully, Mr J has been patient and accomodating thus far as we kept changing our designs which in turn, he has to keep revising his quote. *Result of not having an ID to help us.....* But it has been a great start so far! And I will be sharing on our renovations at the next update... :)

Hey there! Ur house looks great. Can pm me the contact details for contractor J? Thanks!


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Hi CountryGlow, I just sent you a message but It cannot go through. :unsure:

Will you please share with me on your contractor's details? And also wanna check with you, how do you find the furniture quality from JS?

Thanks so much! :yeah:


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Hi Country Glow

I read your blog with interest as I am on a shoe string budget to achieve the classic look. I found a supplier using PU wainscoting and estimated cost at $1k versus plaster and wood material. May I have your contractor contact as I have my design in mind and only require minor reno works. Thanks for the tips on purchasing items too on your blog. Pls email contact to aminahmd@ymail.com.


Edited by Aminah Muhammad
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