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I think your ID just breakdown to confuse you, first 15% wastage is bit too high, 2nd if added the total is $7673 and divide with 850sqft is $9.

Nowadays, tiling is so much expensive. Luckily my gf did her flooring 2 years ago after getting her keys, which was much cheaper.

But the above quote is the cheapest i known so far. Some companies are offering labour + prepacked screed at $7-8 per sqft without tiles. Is the introduction of this prepacked screed that mark up the cost so much.


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aiya... all the ID sure use this to sell more exp to make more money....

u give me any changes i also will tell u because of this change pricing increase....

ID pattern more than badminton one la... if me i also will say more expensive :lol::lol:

but okay la honestly speaking is abit more expensive...


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Met one contractor told me that nowdays premix cement is expensive for mind 4 room flat 2 toilets hack and lay tiles but he told me to buy the tiles for him to lay and said the premix will cost at $1000 other id quote me only choose up to $3 - $3.20 tiles which is better any advise thank :)


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Hi bsxk,

can pls pm me your ID contact no?


Hi Lidyan,

The quotes I got are not cheap, its the very 1st post i posted. Mcmoo got a cheaper quote.

Btw I have given up hope of finding a cheap quote. Actually i did came across a cheap quote whom this contractor quoted me verbally for $6+K when i visited his project but then his workmanship is not good.

Edited by bsxk

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