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  1. Hi 

    I saw that you signed up with Newedge last year. Could you provide me with some feedback of the quality of his work? I am currently looking to get my toilets done and am thinking of signing with him. 

    Much Appreciated. 



  2. Hi, I like ur idea for ur bomb shelter, fully utilize the space. May i know the cost and contact for the bomb shelter.
  3. Hi, Is it true DC ceiling fans produce weaker wind than AC? Can quote Crestar Starlite and Rainlite 50".
  4. Hi Fred, You have moved in, so how is it living there? I saw you bought the bosch hob, have you started using it and is there any problem with the flame? I'm thinking to buy Bosch PBD9351SG but a seller told me a lot of complaints on the flame unable to sustain.
  5. Hi, Can recommend ceiling fan with light for a living room of a bto 4rm flat and can provide catalogue or pricelist for ceiling fans and lightings?
  6. So happy, managed to get free shipping for Kraus KHU100-30 30 inch undermount sink just this morning.
  7. Hi jeromezh, Can give me tips on how to get the amazon cs to waive off the shipping charge? I tried once but not able to get it.
  8. Hi Freb, Your house looks cosy and nice. I like your kitchen gate which you self designed but where did you get it fabricated? So sorry to hear ur hoe kee experience, think we will avoid buying from them if possible.
  9. Hi, Congrats on ur lovely hse. Wow you managed to squeeze in a vanity cabinet in the mbr toilet. Btw where and how much u buy ur dining table, and whats the material of the table?
  10. Hi,I had just signed up with him thus can't feedback on the quality of his work yet. What i can feedback is he is very prompt in his whatsapp reply and on time for all appointments. He even meetup at our current place in the west. His quote is reasonable but not the cheapest and he gives practical advice. You can request to view his current projects which we did.
  11. Hi freb, You not adding a tap for the service yard sink and are u installing the washing machine beside the sink?
  12. Hi Fred, Thks for the fast photo. So u doing wall hung for the service yard sink, but is it durable?
  13. Hi Lidyan, The quotes I got are not cheap, its the very 1st post i posted. Mcmoo got a cheaper quote. Btw I have given up hope of finding a cheap quote. Actually i did came across a cheap quote whom this contractor quoted me verbally for $6+K when i visited his project but then his workmanship is not good.
  14. Hi countryglow, Beautiful hse u have there. Can share with me the contacts and cost for ur acrylic panels and where u got ur kitchen clock?
  15. Enough space for both? Must faster post a pic of it once its done. Btw what is the price (psf) of the tiles u chose for ur flooring?