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  1. Hi, it seem that you order lots of stuff from taobao how much you pay for the shipping fees as i thinking of ordering too thank.
  2. Hi, may i know how much where did you purchase the philips htl-5140B.
  3. Hi,may I know your system 4 total BTU is 24btu or 28btu,as I ask around 3 room 9btu and hall 24btu.I surprise that you can get 21btu and 12btu plus 9btu for 2 room.
  4. Hi, I like your tv console may I know where and how much you purchase it any advise thank.
  5. Hi, may i know how is the flushing water of the baron w-888 it is smooth and long flush it is strong any advise thank
  6. Hi, bro may I know what led strip are you using especially the blue and purple,it so bright and contrast I like and how many feet is your tv console any advise thank.
  7. Hi, guy may i know where i can purchase a 3 seater fabric sofa with a adjustable side tool either put it on the side become 4 seater or front as rest your leg,my buget is $600-$1000.Most of the furniture shop or at expo fair either they sell very expensive around $2000 or just show me photo for sample,anybody can advise me they i can view to purchase one thank
  8. Yes this the best time purchase things and meantime $$$ will out not not in
  9. Thank brother for enlight me at first i thought rubbish bin still got colour to choose.
  10. Hi. kimsim may i know how much and where you install the yellow rubbish bin i like can i had the contact number please and thank.
  11. Can your white brick wall add with colour like light brown to make the effect.
  12. Hi, hc28 your broken marble look retro clean and shinly as now nobody will do this kind of flooring again good to keep it,may i know how much you pay for polishing the broken marble and can share with me your contractor contact too
  13. Hi, brother you can try at sim avenue the food centre at the end corner there a stall doing installation of window grill and window insect net if i not wrong.