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  1. did u take advantage of their priority shipping since its free? haha
  2. Just FYI since u already bought your bed. The mark up for mattress on cost is roughly 60-70%. The discounts that they can offer is huge.
  3. To me, expo furniture fair is a waste of time. Its always there and never ends. Almost every other week is a furniture expo. You can try to haggle if you're going down but I wouldn't make a special trip just for it. You will realise that you can get the same prices at their showrooms. And if its there almost every other week / month, what's the purpose?
  4. Hahaha. No secret receipe. I just contact them using the email function and tried my luck by asking for free shipping. First time cannot. Second try ok!
  5. You put on the floor or on your table top? I managed to ask for free shipping from Amazon!
  6. i think 10L is about 30cm tall and 30cm deep. should be this one http://www.simplehuman.com/uk/10-litre-slim-step-can-black-plastic
  7. Anyway does anyone know if the black Friday deal cover all amazon products? Also, how do i get free shipping for these items? must I hit the minimum US$125 spend before i get the free shipping? otherwise, how can i get the free shipping?
  8. I am looking to get this waste bin from Amazon also. http://d33872uhrikr8k.cloudfront.net/catalog/product/cache/1/image/1170x954/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/1/0/10l-profile-open-can_f_1.jpg
  9. i just came back from howards and its selling the small one at S$33.99. didn't bother to check the price of the big one because the pricing doesn't make sense to me. i know OG also have. but dk how much. i think i will just get from Amazon since kara, nextstep and so many other renotalkers have done so.
  10. i also had this issue. what you can do is to call town council and they will get someone to paint for you. but i happened to just casually ask my painter if he can do it with the leftover paint. will have some slight difference in colour. but aiya, its outside your house anyway and according to my painter, few weeks or months later, all will be the same. for me, within 2 days look the same liao. another alternative is to just call the block maintenance guy directly instead of town council. after i handover, i had some holes which i wanted to patch up on the outside of my unit and also alot of bulky rubbish to throw. so i just called the guy and he came up, got the rubbish cleared and holes patched within 30mins. much more efficient than calling town council which need me to give 3 days advance notice before i throw something. and also much more efficient than calling my contractor whose guys will most probably come down after they finish work at another site or the next day. if you are interested, i found this guy no. at the notice board of my block. he is just the "head" bangala of all the other bangala.
  11. i did ask my contractor to seal it because i thought his workers missed it out. thats when he told me that it is his practice to leave it unsealed. firstly, no worries about the hob shifting as it is so heavy so it will be "set in place" on its own. secondly, they choose not to seal it up as usually when we use gas hob, if you look carefully, the gas come up from one big hole. we will use the burner to cover the hole, and the gas just go everywhere from there. the igniter is outside of this burner, so when we "tiak tiak tiak", the flame will burn outside the burner. the step is to release the gas, thn start the igniter, so in between, gas will escape everywhere and could also escape into your cabinet below. not that its a big issue, but if you seal it up, the gas will stay in your cabinet till you open it up whereby you will smell alot of gas and think maybe gas leak. however, if we never seal it up, the gas can dissipate through the gaps between the hob and table top. not that it doesn't escape from the cabinet doors also la.. but thats the reason he give me which i choose not to ask more since seal or don't seal, not much impact anyway.
  12. Congratulations! i'm glad that your reno has progressed smoothly after the showdown! i guess everyone needs some pushing!
  13. haha. i don't think will need so long. from the time my carpentry come in till final touch up and handover was only about 2 weeks! but maybe you should try to be around on the first day if possible or every other day so you can vet through the carpentry and laminates to minimise the replacement when everything has been installed. although my contractor replaced every item that i highlighted with a problem, there were some tricky bits as some of it was like full height cabinets. i'm not sure how he got his guys to replace them, but he did a good job! hob installation and aircon mounting i think should be very easy.. haha mine also nv use silicon to seal the hob.
  14. I think its just to hold ur washing stuff like sponge. Below have some holes for the water to drip back into the sink. I saw this at Howards and im also going to get it!