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Where To Start When Renovating Your Home

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Every home has a need for renovations, and as nice as it would be to have the time and money to take care of minor repairs as soon as problems arise, the truth is most homeowners put repairs and renovations on the back burner until bigger problems arise and the whole house needs a makeover. If you’re currently in this situation, here is some advice to making your renovation projects easy to complete while on a budget.

Get your home appraised

Before you renovate, have your home appraised according to Beauty and Bedlam. Knowing what your home is worth in the condition it is already in will let you know exactly how much you need to do in order to increase the value. Discuss with the appraiser how much other homes in the area are going for, and how much your home would be worth if it had necessary upgrades. Set goals so you know what you are working towards without getting distracted during the project. After your upgrades and renovations are complete, have your home appraised again, and create a plan for how to keep the value of your home high or rising with regular maintenance.

Make a list of needs and wants

Spend time in each area of your home and make a list of all the renovations and upgrades each area needs, and add any upgrades that are not as vital, but that you would like to add. When creating your list, try not to think about a budget right away, just go with what you want and need most. Once your list is created, prioritize the list into needs and wants, and then prioritize the list again in order from the most necessary to the projects that can wait a little bit. Even though some upgrades that are more necessary might not be as fun to complete, get them out of the way so you can focus on the projects that are more exciting.

Set a budget

Once you have a solid list of all the upgrades and renovations you need, determine how much you are willing to spend in order to fix up your home. As much as you might want to take care of your entire list, it is not worth going into debt for. Work your way down your list, and save money for projects that do not need to happen right away. On pay days, put away a little money specifically for home projects. If you are not in a hurry to sell your home, upgrades and renovations can be completed a little slower, so take your time and make sure you can afford them before draining your savings and racking up credit cards. Spend time online viewing tutorials for DIY projects that can help you save money and complete more projects.

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Source: beautyandbedlam.com/home­renovations­on­a­budget/


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