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  1. congrats on engaging CX reno, they quite popular here in Reno! i'm eyeing them too! can you pm me quote they gave you if you dont mind pls?
  2. looks very well maintained! congrats! keep us posted on your ID selection! i am searching still!
  3. whenks, that is a sad story.. however if i were in your place, i would not really pay for 1k even if they say they will adjust or refund it despite of no obligation to sign up clause. it is really important for us to choose our IDs carefully and not just any conman who will cheat us. i hope you get a good result on your complaint and more renotalkers would get warned on your post.. thank you.
  4. wow!!!! that's admirable of you to not go overbudget!!!! i wish i can do the same when i finally come down to do my reno!
  5. we use this also but not 3m hook/nails, i duno what its exactly called but its like velcro
  6. so did you manage to stick on your budget of 25k? or did you go over budget on this one?
  7. you can never have too many storage, you'll be amazed how these will quickly be filled up as time goes by!
  8. but iquartz quite popular here leh?
  9. interesting thread.. following for updates.. your writing style reminds me of my writer fren