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Midea Air-Con Review: Terrible Quality, High Repair Cost.

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Midea Air-con Review: Terrible Quality, High Repair Cost.
Dear all,

If you are looking for new Air-con, my suggestion is DO NOT choose Midea.

I have purchased one Midea air-con (system 4) 2+ years ago from All Best. The outdoor unit breakdown at least 6 times within 2014, the same parts spoiled again and again. (total 6 Valve spoiled, 4 Valve have been repaired or replaced and 2 outdoor unit has been replaced). But the problem seems never been fixed.

Unfortunately, the same problem happen again last week with my unit and I have to pay S$260 just for replace the Valve, because it already out of warranty. (After I complain to their customer support, they wave S$60 transport fee for me.)

Now, I decide to buy a new air-con if the existing one spoil again. The unit is totally beyond repair.

Maybe Media have the rights to not responsible for their product after warranty period even it is a totally faulty product. But I don't think it is worth to pay S$3000+ for just 2+ years life span Air-con.

If anybody want to see the prove, please email me pingzimumu@gmail.com, I will show you all my service form.

3rd season 2013: One Valve Failure

2nd season 2014: Three Valve Failure

2nd season 2014: Replace the whole outdoor unit after Valve Failure again after replacement

3rd season 2014: One Valve Failure

3rd or 4th season 2014: Replace the whole outdoor unit again after valve failure again same day after replacement

2nd season 2015: One Valve Failure again. (User have to pay)

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Guest Jason Ping

my experience:


Hi Fellow forum members,

I would just like to feedback on my experience with Best Tech and Midea system 4.

In Dec 2014, my wife and I went shopping around for air conditioner at a consumer fair. We chanced upon best tech booth and went in to take a look and was served by one of the salesperson.

We were looking at a system 4 and he recommended Midea, as he was using it as well. Tempted by the price (mistake of my life) and the insulation material and 2 times installation thrown in, I signed on the paper (The Start of my nightmare)

The aircon finished the installatin in March 2015 and we began using it. Before this, I placed great faith in my choice due to the confidence and branding sales talk done by the salesperson from Best Tech.

On the first night, aircon was not cold!! (We had a 22K btu compressor and our room is only 12K btu). We had patience and told ourselves, the aircon was breaking in. Using the aircon for a week, my wife and I felt like a clown each night, when we have to turn on our fan at full power, coupled with the aircon at 17 degree celcius.

The living room aircon is even worse. Literally, one fan at full power is more powerful than my aircon at 17 degree celcius. (I am literally typing in sweat now)

Called in to Best Tech several time, each time they will request that you leave number and never got back. I have to standby the phone and insist that someone attend to me immediately, before they allowed a booking of aircon appointment (So this is singapore no. 1 company in Air Con).

Cut the long story short:

1st Best Tech visit to home 5th June 2015: A pair of chinese and indian technician came. The indian technician was a second fiddle to the more experienced Chinese Technician. The indian technician keep on insisting that aircon was cold and I have to challenge him to bring a thermometer and prove to me. Chinese technician was better, he said that the aircon was not cold and check the compressor with findings that the gas was a bit low and cited that his company did not check it before installation ( 8| , what is this?? SIngapore most trusted aircon partner). He proceed to top up, the situation did not get better. He told me to monitor and went back. During this time, the indian technian climbed my drying yard wall (dirtied my new paint!!!!), even though I provided the chair.

1st Best Tech visit to home 4th July 2015: Really did not get better, I called them again. The same scenario of calling and waiting and transferring happened. Fast forward -> The same pair of technicians visited us, chinese technician literally tell us that there is nothing much he can do and can only refer back to Midea (come on, as if I need you to come to my house and tell me this). At this moment, the indian technician went to check my compressor and done nothing to it, as all the gas level was right. They were here for 10 mins and decided to leave. (#&@(*^(*#&) Wasted my time to wait.

Subsequently, I have to keep chasing Best Tech to make my appointment with Midea! This is a painful process, apparently they don't do emails and communicate between the principal and reseller via fax (welcome to the 21st century). Finally i got my appointment on 25th July 2015.

Midea visit to home 25th July 2015: Midea technician came, measured the aircon gas, said that pressure too high because pumped too much gas inside ( :rofl: ). He released the gas and set it to normal. Next he checked the cooling coil and measure it with the thermometer. He mentioned that the cooling coil is doing the work of blowing air but not efficient (i.e not strong enough), however the cold air is absence and takes a long time to feel cold air. (Yeah, I experienced that right from the start). He mentioned there is a problem with the compressor and will inform his company to send down rectification solution.

** wait ** and wait** and wait ** and more waiting !!!** MIDEA DON"T CALL and when i called the customer service, they told me they have reflected the problem as compressor low aircon gas, I was like WTH!!! OH COME ON!!! Seriously, come to my house and enjoy the aircon suana!!. This customer service guy is call jason.He said he has faxed to BEST Tech and they need to come back to my house and top up the gas ( :rofl: ). I called twice and still waiting.....

Today is 7th of Sep 2015 and I am still waiting for MIDEA OR BEST TECH to GET BACK TO ME!!!

My advise to fellow homeowner :) Go for a established brand like mistubishi and also reseller.

I am humbled by my experience and will continue to wait.

Anyone who reads, constructive help will be good.

If the operation manager of BEST TECH is reading, I am still waiting for your guys and soaked in my sweaty T shirt!! CONTACT ME to fix my problem! if not, offer my to trade up to a Mistubishi aircon.


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