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  1. I bought some home furnishing items from Taobao such as bedframes and toilet accessories. It was an absolute disaster. The seller had good reviews but after 2 years, all the metal parts are beginning to rust. When my visitors come and comment about my rusty toilet accessories, I am **** paiseh.
  2. Is Philips in Malaysia the same as Philips in Singapore? I bought a 16" KDK stand fan from AEON Big in Malaysia and it was less than 1/2 the price of a 16" KDK stand fan in Singapore but it looked different and the motor was not as fast. The finishing of the Singapore KDK stand fan is definitely much more refined. It seems strange considering that KDK fans in Singapore are assembled in Malaysia. It is the same for milk powder. Same brand and type of milk powder in JB tastes different from those bought in Singapore.
  3. I am interested. I need 2 queen mattresses and 1 king mattress.
  4. KDK is number one. Don't listen to the salesman who tries to push his own in-house brands. In-house brands have much higher profit margins. My friend listened to the shop salesman and purchased an in-house brand. After one year, the ceiling fan became much weaker and had not much wind. Update on October 16, 2017: KDK fans suck. 2 years later after recommending KDK, I now agree with the rest of the Facebook reviews that KDK is NOW known for poor quality and service.
  5. I'm also looking for LED lights. I need downlights, track lights, strips and ceiling lights. Anyone knows where to get cheap and good LED lights? Please PM me the contact or share on the forum. The cheapest I found was a LED wholesaler yafen.sg located at Defu. Price is less than 1/2 of other shops. They come with 1 year warranty and so far I have not found any bad reviews online through a Google search.
  6. RM32 for 4" downlight is almost the same as yafen.sg. Do you know if JB gives any further discount if I buy 34 units? Is the JB warranty valid in Singapore?
  7. You can use this a guide and engage your own contractors. From my experience, you can save more than 1/2 the renovation cost. If you want to save on ID fee, you can purchase those home décor magazines and use their designs. Many 'designers' rinse and repeat the common designs and make slight alterations.
  8. Mine also using Armaflex. There is this Armaflex wholesaler in Kallang. Very cheap as compared to other shops
  9. wroomwroom- Thanks for your offer. I think it is the same Yafen LED Lights- yafen.sg located at Defu Lane. I need 34 units of 12W square downlights, 26m LED strips, 8 units of 4ft T5 LED tubes, 6 LED ceiling lights, 6 track lights and 2 1m tracks. I have visited her shop and many other light shops in Singapore and Yafen's quotation is the lowest and beats all the other shops by a large margin. I think her LED lights might possibly be the cheapest in Singapore. They are even cheaper than Taobao due to the high cost of Taobao's air freight . Quality wise, she claims that her lights are from China but the LEDs are from Taiwan, which explains why they are very bright and lasts longer. She also claims that she supplies LED lights to other light shops in Singapore, which might be true as I noticed that some light shops sell the exact same lights at much higher prices. I take all these claims with a pinch of salt, since all the light shops I visited claim that their lights are of high quality yada yada .
  10. Mine charged $40 for each electrical point for exposed plastic conduit wiring.
  11. Many years ago, I purchased a Rega branded fan for $450. After 3 months, the wind velocity dropped significantly and it became a white elephant.
  12. My friend has something like that. It does not produce enough wind.
  13. My Samsung fridge is over 4 years old. No defects so far. Occasionally, the fridge gets warm and I need to switch off and on the power supply to reset the digital inverter.
  14. Recommend to purchase KDK from JB. Cheap and good! Update on October 16, 2017: KDK fans suck. 2 years later after recommending KDK, I now agree with the rest of the Facebook reviews that KDK is NOW known for poor quality and service.