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  1. simple thing i did was i bought a couple of wood dowel (wooden rod) from ArtFriend. Cut them to size. With the windows closed, leave it in the sliding window "groove", if i am away for a few days. This will prevent anyone from sliding the window open because the rod will block any sliding movement.
  2. Anyone knows where can i find this type of Philiips E27 downlight holder in local shop? Want to use it with Philips Hue light bulbs.
  3. wait, why should the customer pay $2500 to insurance company to claim damage? It doesn;t make sense. Shouldnt the mover company cover that? Its like getting into a vehicle accident and having to pay a fee to the other party just to claim damages. Odd. Regardless, defintely avoiding this company. The $800 excuse sounds illogical as well.
  4. Can PM me the quotation and contact? Thanks.