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It's been 10 years since we moved into our current flat and we decided to do a re-renovation of our home. YEA!!

(one major push factor for renovaion was also that all our down-lights in our home is all down and we could not find the bulb to replace without scraping off the false celing :angry2: )

Initial renovation was done up by a friend but he is not in the trade any more, thus we have to quest out to search for a good and responsible ID who can understand our needs and assist us in everywhere he/she could.

We have been in and out of interior houses, and 1 fine day, we stumble upon Fifth Avenue Interior, or rather Designer-D, who gave us the most heart-warming feeling and I felt that my house will be in good hands if i do engaged him, and so we did.

It was a long, tedious but in-depth discussion process but D was very very patient with us, and gave us lots of ideas to help in our brain-storming. He was patient with our indecisive decisions, and finally we settled on whichever is needed and start on the renovation.

Would be sharing on e process of our renovation, looking forward and feeling excited to see the newly furnished home!!!

Here we gooooooo................... (will be posting out pictures of the reno process) *feeling excited :yeah: *

Living Room (Before 3)

Living Room (Before 2)

Living Room (Before 1)

Kitchen (Before 2)

Kitchen (Before)

Kitchen (Before 3)

Room 2 (Before 2)

Room 2 (Before 1)

Room 2 (Before)

Room 3 (Before 2)

Room 3 (Before 1)


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Hi Janice, not sure where you are coming from. I am not here to do self advertising, not sure what you are trying to gain by intruding my post. I am just a regular home owner here to share with interested home owners on my own renovation journey.

As a working adult and single mother, had been busy juggling work and the renovation at the same time, did not have time to post updates everyday. Finally had settled down quite abit and would like to share the experience here to interested home owners. Would appreciate if you could respect this thread, thank you.


Since i am online, shall post some updates on my tiles buying day at Harfary @ Eunos with my daughter. Didn't know that tiles choosing was such a chore :wacko: , it took us 5 hours to finally settle on all the necessary tiles: kitchen floor and wall, 2 toilets floor and wall, smoking corner floor (and yes, we self-proclaimed a smoking corner at the living room window because daughter is complaining of the smell in the house). ID wasn't free to join us initially, but after 2 hours of walking endlessly at harfary with ENDLESS CHOICES, we had no choice but to ring him up to come down to help with the selection.

Here are our final selections:

IMG 8165



Kitchen Flooring & Wall


Common Toilet Vanity Wall

Smoking Corner



Shall head for bed now, will share more during my free time.

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Happen to see Fifth Avenue Interior in my facebook post occasionally, quite interested with their Ghim moh link and upper serangoon project.

Will be getting my keys on 2016, well would love to see the ongoing process you had with them and if any feedback would be great.. Please keep us update LeeSE.


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This post will be a great help to me too :good:

I also engaged fifth avenue interior for my house.

deposit given & now waiting for the 3D to be out. Leese,You really have the time to create this. Will learn from you and keep this as an expensive memories for me. hehe. how much total have you done up for your place? My designer is Derick


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Hello, Patrickson. Good luck to getting your keys next year!! :good:

Hello crystallim, kindly pm me for more details :)

Apologies for lack of updates, had been busy with work lately. Gonna share more on the journey of the renovation.

Went up to take a look on the reno, it was really very messy and things are everywhere, guess that's how it is. I know that my project is not a huge one due to tight budget, and my ID understand it well, therefore he proposed not to do plastering to save on some costs. He also propose that we can do overlay of the false ceiling, not tearing it down will save us some costs too. As for our 2 toilets, which shock me the most as the 2 toilets will be the most expensive rooms in the entire renovation due to hacking and re-tiling from floor up to 4 walls, after long hours of discussion and negotiating and almost giving up renovating the common toilet, ID suddenly came up with a good idea: overlay the toilet tiles too!! Indeed impressed with the patience he has after long hours of negotiating, at least manage to save some costs :yeah: Some pictures to share:

IMG 8300

IMG 8301

IMG 8302

Also went shopping for accessories to the shop that my ID intro-ed, spoilt for choices. And after selecting all the necessary stuff like shower-head, sink, taps, shower accessories (without buying the unnecessary), the items amounts to almost $6k :bangwall: . Dropped a few items like toilet accessories, decided to raki around to buy cheaper ones, spent days walking around home-fix, ikea, big box and I couldn't find any good and cheap ones as substitutions. Those items at ikea are really cheap and affordable, but sadly they are really flimsy, i really do not want the thing to break only after using for less than a year. No doubt the accessory's shop products are really solid, in the end, got my ID to re-order the items that was dropped :unsure:

Accessories Shopping 5

Accessories Shopping 4

Accessories Shopping 3

Accessories Shopping 2

Accessories Shopping 1


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Happy National Day fellow Singaporean!! :rolleyes:

Hello Patrickson, PM-ed.

Hi Jasonsng, pricing was reasonable, as mentioned, ID understands my budget and work within it. Workmanship was acceptable too.

Updates..... Some pictures of "in the process":

Living Room 2

Living Room 1

Living Room

Master 1

ID designed the false ceiling which makes me very satisfied. Knowing that I wanna save budget on re-building the entire false ceiling, he actually worked on the current false ceiling and come up with an entire new design :thumbs up:

The semi-craft stone design at the smoking corner was also suggested by him, rather than spending a bomb on the entire wall, we crafted on the backdrop of the smoking corner which gives it a different feel of that space.

Also, went shopping at spotlight for blinds. Wanted to get roman blinds initially, after trying the display set at spotlight, changed my mind and got us roller blinds: easier to clean and less messier.

Roller Blind

Roller Blinds

Till next time.......

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Wow, I like that uneven brickstone idea of your ID, i'm also looking at that design to place it in my new house. How much does that cost? Can you pm me the price? Thank LeeSE, Please keep us update. would like to see the overall feel...


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Back for some updates, sorry to keep you folks waiting.

Photo sharing session :D

Living Room After 1

Living Room After 2

Living Room After 3

Took some shots when living room was almost done. Moved back in to clean and pack bit by bit. It was a tiring process, as works are still ongoing after we move back in.

Some updates on kitchen photos too. Didn't want to go for the norm and neutral colors for the kitchen, was really excited about the kitchen as we chose orange and black combination for the carpentry. Tadah:

Kitchen After 1

Was contemplating to install the back glass full or half just at the back wall of the stove. D advice to go for full back glass all across for uniformity and the price difference wasn't much, so we went ahead with it and definitely didn't regret.

Kitchen After 2

Kitchen After 4

D came up for site visit as and went to make sure our reno process has been carry out smoothly, he will also ask if we have any feedback on the workmanship and see if he can help in any way. Also, he was the one who spotted that the carpentry for the kitchen hood left quite a big space in between (see pic for before & after), and I still thought it was left like this on purpose, for air ventilation :lol: He then got his carpenters to quickly fix it for us during their next installation visit.

Wanted to share on the door installation but forum don't permit me to upload more pictures, super annoying :angry: . So i'm gonna sign off now, till next time.


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