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Sharing An Id Intro From Husband's Friend

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We are searching for our ID to build our love nest few months ago. We are researching for months and we are like attached more than 5 company. We have spend a lot of time to go through every ID we attached. Explaining to every ID and tell them what we need & getting quotes with them. Some of them is very pushy. While some of them is like having too much job and they are like, just ignoring us from requesting a quote. Some of them are real efficient. After we searched for long time. We found that, we aint like any of the ID that we have attached. Till we have one ID introduce by my husband's friend.The price wise is all about almost the same. Price differences from the highest to lowest is like $3000. We are going to my friend's house which is done by her. Inspecting the workmanship & the design. We like the design & the workmanship is pretty good as well. Her quotation is quite clear, every item & price stat down clearly. Her price is at mid range among all the ID we found. She is very friendly & patient to explain every item she quoted inside the quotation. She also show us the materials she quoted inside the quotation.We are quite like this girl, the sincerity & the honesty. Yet we decided to choose her.

Once we confirmed the contract with Yann. Within 3 days she is giving us a work schedule. She is state every work that have to be done, to make sure the work won't delay much. One week later, we gotten our 3d drawing. we have amendment for the drawing for one time.Until we think the drawing is perfect for us. I think she is a perfect listener & creative person. I am a perfectionist, so its not so easy to fulfill my requirement. :notti:

After work start, We are like carefree. Yann update us the progressing of renovation work often. Tiling works, ceiling works, carpentry works all have been done up perfectly. We are renovating a resale five room flat. The renovation period is one month time. We are shock, because all of the ID are telling us the fastest to complete the job is one and half month. We are so lucky,that we have choose the right ID for our renovation works.

Conclusion, sometimes is not about the company. Sometime is the ID him/herself. The attitude & the sincerity. To us, Yann are more likely a friend than a ID. We would like to share the happiness to all. I don't know wether i can post her contact over here. Please advise :)

Good Luck In renovation :good:


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Hi Christina,

Thanks for sharing. Agreed that the ID whom you engaged plays a big part in renovation. Some IDs I encountered bragged too much about their big company and multiple awards whatnots... but at the end of the day would that ID produce award winning design for my home? It's better to find someone whom you can click with. Makes the renovation process more fun and easy going, and whatever quotations set would appear to be more well spent. :thumbs up:

For sharing of contacts, the trend here is to wait for someone to post in this thread, requesting for contacts, or someone would privately message (PM) you. Then you would reply via PM. Meanwhile sharing photos of your home would be a nice addition.


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