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Genting - Know How

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I travel to Genting rather frequently and I gather following useful info for first timer and how to get free hotel stay.

- Take budget air to KLIA2 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2)

- Take Express Train to KL Sentral (37min and RM30 +-, it will stop at KLIA1 then proceed all the way non-stop)

- Buy a Coach Ticket at KL Sentral to Genting Cable Car Terminal

(KL Sentral walk to McDonalds and you can see Burger King and proceed to the escalator next to it - beside the escalator there is a glass auto door exit, go to the exit and take escalator to Basement where Terminal is, book Genting Coach Ticker there)

- Time Table posted at the booth may not be correct so just take a picture for guidline

- Ticket cost about RM10 include cable car and coach (going up)

- Coach don't run during lunch time and each coach take 40pax, so if its full you will be book on the next coach during purchase of ticket. Do not miss your coach or you will need to buy another ticket again. Also be there early if your Coach is at 4pm make sure you are there at at least 3.45pm)

- I loiter around if there is ample time, there is a new mall where the escalator at Burger King is. Proceed upstairs you will be at the new mall

- KL Sentral Coach to Genting Cable Car Terminal about 1 hour

- Coach arrived at Cable Car Terminal (sometimes Coach stop at different spots around the Terminal - it could be at the Terminal itself where you will be taking the coach back later part, or stop behind the Cable Car Terminal - just try to ask and look and find your way)

- Over at Coach Terminal I usually will contact the restaurant nearby to pick me and my husband up for lunch, the food is cheap and good, I sometimes can get Mao Shan Durian at the shop next to the restaurant

- I will leave my luggage in the car and after meal they will send us back to the Cable Car Terminal (front/main entrance)

- Cable Car ride about 15 min

- Walk to First World Hotel (first time I went I just book online subsequent trip all the rooms is FREE)

- First thing first go to the Casino area where they will help you with Membership application (I can't remember I think its free - make sure you do this so that you will be able to get Free Rooms next trip).

- When you gamble you make sure you pass the people your membership card so that they can input your points and when you left for another table make sure you get back your Membership card

- The allocated points will determine 'free hotel room every month'

- Some points can redeem for free breakfast or food, always go to the Card Kiosk to check and ask if not sure.

- My husband got rooms every month even during Peak and Super Peak period and during birthday month there were more perks.

- Shop/Dine and get points from your membership card

- Coming back usually I will book 5pm flight so when I check out after breakfast or some games (quite rush if your flight is too early).

- Take cable car (buy cable car ticket, coach ticket is not available here)

- 15 mins ride to Cable Car Terminal and buy coach ticket (the other time it was like 9.30am and the next Coach at 10am is full so we only manage to get 11am Coach Ticket (pretty rush for us - so I saw a Queue for Waiting List passenger and Queue there incase the coach is not full as some passenger may miss the Coach then you will be given a seat)

- So proceed as usual Coach arrived KL Sentral and we shop around first and then went to take Express Train (go behind Burger King area to take Express Train to KLIA2 - Arriving and Departing Express Train area are at different sides)

- Again 37 min ride to KLIA2 (stop at 2nd stop if you are on Budget ticket cause first stop is KLIA1)

- Go check in your luggage first and then makan outside and shop around before Home Sweet Home (inside airport nothing much to eat or shop)

Hope this help. I need to find the restaurant contact first and will post again.


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