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Reno "complete" But...

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Hi Reno-gurus.

My reno is sort of "complete" i have only made 10% of the total quoted price to the contractor he was busy so did not reply me after the job is "complete"

my question is

Any complications for us if the contractor did not ask for payment due to his work schedule?

We paid for cleaning services after the reno but is badly cleaned - hence we have to perform the cleaning by ourselves all over again - what should we do for this?

Reno works not done properly, cracks on walls found (more than 300cm long, 1-2mm thick), tiles got dented all over - what should we do for this?

Any recommendations? We have already proceeded to move in as numerous of extensions given yet contractor failed to do a proper job.



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normally they need to provide warrantries so for touch up they must do finish then u pass them the rest over amount for the renovation. for cleaning wise I doubt all contractor or id able to provide a super clean afterwork as everyone expectation of cleaning is different. so when my renovation finishes I have to do one more time cleaning before I move my furniture back into the house but basic no dirt on grill, no sand on floor, no cement stain is bring up by my contractor personally which impress housemaker like us. as for the touch up like crack tiles etc u need to ask them to change them for you during their touch up session and crack lines, u need them to repatch and provide u a smooth finishing.


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i had a similar situation as you. my contractor completed the reno, but its full of defects which i carefully document down in a email with pictures and asked for rectification. at that point i had paid about 80% of the whole reno cost. it had been more than a year after the reno, i have not see my contractor again and he never came back to ask for the balance amount.

i will suggest for you to do the same. it will be great if your contractor do come back to fix up all your concern. otherwise, try to live with the defects for a year. after the year is up, find another contractor to fix up stuff that you are not happy with. if there are critical defects that could not wait, and your contractor is missing to complete, get another one but do keep all documentation. with 90% of your budget intact, im sure you will be able to get another contractor to complete the work with less money.

as for the cleaning, i will agree with missysonialin. most owners will do another round or even 2 rounds of cleaning before moving in.


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