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  1. Guys Their Contact Above don't Flood me. PAGE 2 My Posting
  2. Wah! Long time din get to log in and my mail box flooded. Had replied all. Another key point for renovation is important as the contractor respond time for Warranties are important after we moved in. Thumb up for my contractor
  3. Cheers for Rows & Columns Pte Ltd i engaged them after i saw your unit 797 woodlands which they show me before i engaged their services. Your done up are nice and video on their Facebook page as well.
  4. the constructed floor already got the gradient if i not wrong. the most worries is water seepage in between old tiles n your new lay tiles. do ensure the contractor dont save on the material to build instead to prevent fungus growing or smell coming out from the seepage which i feel more annoying
  5. if i not wrong there is a package discount like 16k+ inclusive GST on Reno Fair u may wan to look out. your item is quite standard for package offer which u may wan to consider.
  6. Happy new year to all! Replied all your PM please contact him direct instead. U can see my post regarding on the pricing too for reference.
  7. Maybe u can do a background check for the contractor before u engage, visit their workshop will be preferred as the factory won't run and your renovation is in good hands. 30k is a gd budget to hack n retile for new looks
  8. Maybe some forum mate could comment on my behalf as there is a lot of them came up to visit my place in the North and engages my contractor for their place too. What I can say is most value for every single cent spend as low price and recieve more than what you paid for. Thumb up
  9. Normally it's not worth for us to buy paint and let them paint. I tried asking before and labour charge was 750-900 if we provide paint for them.
  10. If you have your own ideas why not find a contractor which u can save many Ks from your renovation and buy furniture using the saving?
  11. Prices on the high side, it's ID or Contractor? Maybe u can take my price guide Protection for unit 180 Clear debris 250 False ceiling and cove light 900 est False ceiling for bedroom 400 x3 1200 est Pelmet 20 pfr Painting 1200 -1500 max House cleaning 350 using professional cleaner Electrical must see u decided how many point if extension my contractor charge less than 1k Shut down water shouldn't be any charges <~ first time heard of this Carpentry should be Kitchen 120 pfr Feature wall + console 250 pfr Storage cabinet 200-250 pfr Hope u able to compare versus yours. Seem yours quite ex.
  12. Retiling cost should be ard the range if u engage ID but if u go for contractor will be $9.5 psf for floor and $10.5 psf for wall which includes tiles, labour,building material.
  13. Good and bad. As bare in mind they come in big container which comes in thousand of pieces one time. If temperature really consents then those store in warehouse already crack by its own am I right to say so? Can't be the whole container, thousand over pieces for the same model sold off once it reaches our port? There is still lead time in storage before it been sold like 3mth to 1 Year..