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  1. Hi, does anyone has recommendation for reliable window contractor? I am thinking to confirm pang giap after asking around..
  2. Hi, can pm the details as well?
  3. I am currently holding on to my contractor payment as well and delay my renovation as well. Job was re-do for 3 times. If you as the owner cannot accept, it is better to voice out and hold to their payment. Though it can be stressful at times as they keep on chase for the payment.
  4. Hi, I had this question when I was choosing my contractor for my 3room resale. In the end, I decide to go with the decision that I am more comfortable which is to hack the original tiles as I heard stories which your friend encounter before. I will think that the best is go with your heart and to list down the pro and cons for these two options. Hope this helps..
  5. Hi, does anyone know if it is a requirement from the authority to have the contractor to do a PUB inspection upon the rewire of the flat?
  6. Hi, My ID provide me a quote of $3500 for a re-wire of my 3-room resale flat. This includes the following: 1) 9 Lighting power points - $580 2) 9 Double power point (2 x 13amp) - $765 3) 3 SCV points -$120 4) 2 Heat power point - $200 5) 1 Air con power (15amp) - $100 6)1 Hood & Hob - $150 7) MCB Unit - $500 8) 6 Installation of light fittings: $120 9) Rewire of whole unit: $7000 Also, like to check is it a must for them to do a PUB testing after rewire of the whole unit. Hopefully someone can advise me as I need to reply to my ID fast...
  7. Hi, Can anyone advise what are the affordable brands of hobs and hoods? I just bought the EF brand, but no idea is that is a good brand. How do you choose hobs and hoods?
  8. Hi, I would usually ask the following questions - The cost of the packed-cement price. - Are they HDB approved contractors? Usually they will said yes, but most of the times they are using third party. -Any cost for the 3D design? -For the change of the water pipe, do they charge? -If need electrical works, how do they charge? Usually they will go to site and advise and not give you a quote straight away -Any charges for HDB permit? some already absorb the cost, but some don't -Payment terms (1st payment /2nd payment and final payment etc) -Warranty period and coverage -Disposal of the hacking (any extra charge if there a lot of hacking etc). Also, based on my experience, you need to do own research first and know what you want before going to them. Good luck!
  9. Hi, I am new in renovation and will like to know what are the range for the renovation of the kitchen? I will need to hack the existing wall tiles and the kitchen floor tiles, and to relay new floor tiles and also to built new kitchen cabinets. This also include doing some misc items like polishing the other rooms floors, changing of bedroom doors and re-run the cabinets. I received a few quotations from a few IDs which is around $12k to $19k.