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  1. I'm surprised that there's no mention of this company on renotalk when it's all over HWZ - https://www.google.com.sg/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=newway+aircon+hardwarezone+site:forums.hardwarezone.com.sg&* https://www.renotalk.com/forum/search/?type=all&q=newway
  2. Hi Bro, Happy CNY! I just took delivery of a 4 room BTO living room of 3.3m x 4m with no false ceiling. Can you please recommend me ceiling fans with light and track lights for my living room, 2 bedrooms and 1 Master room? I prefer KDK U60FW but would it be too large for my living room? Please quote price and installation. Note: Dining room ceiling fan not required as I've already bought Ikea pendant light.
  3. I was recommended this brand of sink because the supplier of my kitchen top by my ID, iQuartz is able to make it flush with the iQuartz kitchen top. I've read about horror stories of sinks and sanitary fittings from China that will corrode or show rainbow color after sometime. I know that iQuartz is from China manufacturer so I guess the sink is also from a Chinese OEM manufacturer. By the way, the sink is not cheap, I was quoted $450+ for a 650mm x 440mm x 200mm sink.
  4. I read that the craft bricks from craftstone costs about S$85/sq metre. On Tmall or Taobao, Wall Bricks (墙砖 or 文化石) is selling for around 30-40 yuan /sq metre - S$6.25 to S$8.33/sq metre!! Has anyone here tried buying from Taobao or got cheaper source of craft bricks? Are they the same as the CraftBricks from CraftStone? One problem I see is that on TMall, the wall bricks sellers don't include shipping fee so it might be a problem buying through agents like ezbuy. https://world.tmall.com/item/40610369494.htm?spm=a220m.1000858.1000725.1.9qpvRD&id=40610369494&skuId=67894843465&cat_id=50030213&rn=d14fa7e1910115d246b6183b30568dde&user_id=2176814701&is_b=1
  5. Yes, this is a very useful tip. Most of the toilets I've seen don't have a gradient. Not sure if bangla or PRC workers are able to lay that way.
  6. Hi bunnybluey, Thanks for your detailed and frank opinion. I don't have the size areas of the rooms other than total floor area. So i calculated the size of the kitchen, toilets and shelter and ac ledge using the dimensions on my floor plan and deduct the sum from the total flat area and got 65 sq m. Since the dimensions include walls, assuming the walls take up 2sqm, so I'm left with 63sqm. My ID quoted me $8310 ($3220 living dining + $4340 bedrooms + $750 top up for wood texture tiles), so it's $131 per sqm. My price is 10% more than yours, but if you deduct out the additional labor cost for wood texture floor tiles, it's $8310 and $120 per sqm. By the way, this is not the first quote. The additional top up for wood texture floor was only added after we requested for those plank wood-style porcelain tiles. Note that the other IDs I talked to did not mention about additional charges for using wood style tiles. The ID also verbally mentioned that the 600mm x 600mm can be changed but I think I need to get that into the quote as I'm looking at 150mm x 600mm plank tiles. A Masonry Works * All tiles base on retail price of $3.20 psf for floor & wall. 1 Supply & lay 600mm x 600mm polish homogeneous floor tiles c/w skirting **** & dining $ 3,220.00 2 Supply & lay 600mm x 600mm polish homogeneous floor tiles c/w skirting at 3 bedroom $ 4,340.00 3 Supply & overlay 300mm x 300mm non-slip homogeneous floor tiles at 2 toilets $ 1,600.00 4 Addition labour top up for wood texture floor tiles $ 750.00 Thanks for pointing this out. Yes, it's not indicated whether it is hollow or double hollow. So far the other quotes I've seen don't mention this either. By the way, the White Powder Coat thing, may I know why you're changing to WPC? For some reason, almost all IDs I've seen recommend PD door. For bi-fold door, did you use the one that is top hung without bottom tracks? For Kitchen cabinet, I only requested that it must be solid ply. I saw this new finishing that uses same laminate design for both interior and exterior at some of the ID showrooms, but it is not usually indicated in the quote. Need to ask.
  7. Basically just kitchen cabinets + wood design porcelain floor tiles for living room, dining, bedrooms and both toilets + solid doors for bedroom + PD doors for toilets + solid veneer for bedroom doors + glass pd door for kitchen + glass shower screen and door for master toilet only + grills for whole apartment. No built-in wardrobes. Painting excluded. This is as basic as it can get, yet the price seems higher than other quotes posted here that do more, or has the reno price gone up so much in the last 6 months? What do you guys think? Item Description Amount A Masonry Works * All tiles base on retail price of $3.20 psf for floor & wall. 1 Supply & lay 600mm x 600mm polish homogeneous floor tiles c/w skirting **** & dining $ 3,220.00 2 Supply & lay 600mm x 600mm polish homogeneous floor tiles c/w skirting at 3 bedroom $ 4,340.00 3 Supply & overlay 300mm x 300mm non-slip homogeneous floor tiles at 2 toilets $ 1,600.00 4 Addition labour top up for wood texture floor tiles $ 750.00 5 Supply & construct 50mm cement motar bases with tile skirting / finishes for kitchen cabinet, fridge, washing machine & 2 shower kerb $ 650.00 B Window Works 1 Supply & install aluminium frame with tinted glass sliding windows @ balcony. $ 500.00 2 Supply & install aluminium grill @ whole house window $ 750.00 ( additional charge for W.P.C ( white powder coat ) for window and grills $180 ) C Plumbing Works 1 Provide labour only to install 2 no. of instant water heater @ 2 toilets $ 120.00 2 Provide labour only to install 2 sets of bathroom & toilet accessories @ 2 toilets $ 80.00 3 Provide labour only to install 1 set of kitchen sink & tap $ 120.00 4 Provide labour only to install 1 set of spray gun at 2 toilets $ 80.00 D Electrical Works 1 standard lighting points x $40 per point 2 13A Double Socket x $60 per point 3 13A Single Socket x $50 per point 4 Scv point x $120 per point 5 Data point ( cat6 ) 6 Chemey hod x $80 7 Chemey hod installation x $80 8 Slim hob x $50 9 cooker hoob x $50 10 Oven point x $90 per point 11 Lighting installation x $12 per unit 12 Conceal 13A Double Socket c/w cover protector 13 Additional charge for conceal is $100 per unit. 14 Tel point x $80 per point 15 fan point x $40 per point 16 fan install x $50 per point 17 Connect heater point x $40 per point E Door Works 1 Supply & install 03 pcs of solid veneer doors with standard lockset & door stoppers at 03 bedrooms ( L 3ft x H 7t ) $ 1,560.00 2 Supply & install 01 Acrylic PD Door @ 2 toilet ( medium solid ) $ 800.00 3 Supply and install 10mm tempered PD glass door at kitchen entrance $ 650.00 4 Supply and install 10mm tempered glass swing door shower screen at master bathroom $ 450.00 F Carpentry Works *External-selected laminate finishing<$53,internal-white PVC finishing Solid plywood High Pressure laminate ABS Edging soft close hinges Kitchen 1 Design, fabricate and install 26ft solid ply laminate top and bottom kitchen cabinet with a dish rack & cooker hood compartments, s/steel dish rack, a colunm of drawer, cultery tray, ABS trimming & soft closing hinges for all doors and drawers $ 3,120.00 2 Fabricate and install 15ft Quartz top surface kitchen work top with 50mm back splash and 38mm front profile for kitchen cabinet $ 1,800.00 G Other Works 1 Chemical wash & general cleaning for whole house $ 300.00 2 Provide flooring protection using corrugated paper $ 150.00 3 Provision haulages loading of sand & goods, clearing of debris and material up $ 600.00 4 HDB Renovation Permit Application & Processing Fee FOC 5 Provide labour to install some kitchen accessories FOC * All fees & submission to relevent authority or government department not inclusive Total : $ 21,640.00
  8. Hi, has anyone used u-home? Any id you think is experienced and responsible. I've met Alice n Jorge. Thank you in advance. J
  9. Hi, has anyone recently engaged Chng Poh Guan? I'm very interested in engaging their services. Are the same people still running the company? Thank you very much.