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  1. Hi all, Anyone has any recommendations for CCTV & installation for HDB flat? I need real-time recording on cloud, and tamper-proof CCTV camera. Thanks.
  2. Hi, is there anyone who is actively looking/arranging for a group buy for doors & gate for HDB flats? Looking at 2 br doors, 1 main gates & 1 bi-fold door for toilet. Anyone has any contact and price to share? Thanks!
  3. Hi skb, so you charge the battery every week? Isn't it too often? I find the app function useful to see if anyone is loitering outside the door real-time. My things outside the flat, at various times, have been disturbed. Without the app, I will need to retrieve the SD card to view the footage. How long will a typical battery for a wireless door viewer last (without video recording & PIR sensor function)? And same question with the PIR sensor + recording? Any idea? With regards, BubblyBee
  4. Hi, does anyone has any recommendation for door viewer with display and door bell function? Looking for a suitable set with the following requirement. long battery life (~6 months, at least) able to record images and having PIR sensor + recording is a plus easy to install (with english manual) app function to see/interact with person via an app - hopefully I saw this on Qoo10 - http://list.qoo10.sg/item/EQUES-R21-DIGITAL-DOOR-PEEPHOLE-VIEWER-SURVEILLANCE-VIA-SMARTPHONE/515696474 Not sure on quality of product. If anyone has used this model before / using it currently, or has any recommendation of other brands, please do provide feedback and suggestion. Thanks. BubblyBee
  5. Hi BubblyBee, would you pls pm me your contacts for the electrician. Thanks :)

  6. Thanks babe0102 for offering to provide your electrician and contractor's numbers. I found a couple of electricians and have confirmed one of them.
  7. Anyone has any contacts to share that you have personally used the electricisn''s service and you are satisfied?
  8. Hi,anyone has contacts of qualified/certified and reliable electrician? Anyone who has done rewiring of a 4 room resale flat advise on an estimated quote I should be looking at? Thanks!
  9. Mine is resale flat. My ID told me doors can do later after renovation as not to have scratches. But I want to see designs and place deposit. Have you received any interest from others?
  10. May I know what WC did you buy? Is it good? Where to get it from? I have started reading maybe 1 to 2 pages of your blog so haven't got to the WC part, etc. Information overloading is possible since you are quite detailed. Better to have more information, than no information. Where is your house located? It is very spacious and the design concept is very nice. Read that you are using OPSH for WIW, kitchen cabinet and TV area? I am using OPSH too but only for the WIW.
  11. Hi Lazyfatcat007, thanks, hope to have a fuss-free reno experience. Looking forward to hearing if your electrician does freelance work? Anyone know what the estimated cost for electrical re-wiring for a resale 4 room will be? I am using Eubiq system, so will need the electrician to lay the cables without points at various places and points at dedicated places like fridge, washing machine, oven, etc. Thanks!
  12. Thanks Ks Toh. Different opinions by different forumers. So confused. The most often cited brand that I come across in a few posts is Baron. Maybe I should try this out? I was reading your T-Blog yesterday, came across it cos of electrical works. Like your vertical garden. Will be continuing reading your post after work today. Very informative